clamor for

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clamor for (something)

To support or request something vocally or passionately. Many townspeople have clamored for this construction project because they like the idea of not having to drive 10 miles to the nearest grocery store. We decided to bring out the cake early because the kids were clamoring for it.
See also: clamor

clamor for someone or something

to raise a great outcry for someone or something. Everyone was clamoring for Mark. They just loved him. The children were clamoring for ice cream.
See also: clamor
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Kest is optimistic that the national clamor for banking reform and election-year pressure will persuade the Federal Reserve and other agencies to examine banks more closely.
Amid an international clamor for reproductions of the now infamous sweater, Yana has enlisted the aid of Novica.
In addition to petition signatures and financial support, over 7,100 Americans have volunteered across the nation to represent the Committee at GOP and Tea Party events and encouraged their friends and neighbors to join the movement and clamor for Dr.
Carson and encouraging them to clamor for him to run.
Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, including AT&T WorldNet, Microsoft Corp's WebTV, Britain's BT Openworld, and Japan's Nifty, are betting consumers will clamor for voice and video e-mails.
Public health officials should resist the transplant community's clamor for animal organs in light of this new data," cautions virologist Jon Allan of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, Texas, in a commentary accompanying th e report.
Because of our manufacturing efficiencies, we can respond quickly when our customers clamor for a new product in the ever-evolving telecommunications market.
Those who enjoyed the first will clamor for this installment.
PHOTO Liberians clamor for spots aboard an overcrowded frei ghter bound for Ghana on Sunday.
The introduction of this platform coincides with the industry clamor for a new way to measure success of online ads, Bluestreak has more experience than anyone in the area of `beyond-the-click measurements', and Ion is the result," said Annette Tonti, Bluestreak co-founder and CEO.
The growing need for faster Internet connections, clearer and longer range voice and data systems, and for bringing fiber optics deep into the building has prompted our customers and the industry to clamor for a comprehensive study.
In a world where consumers clamor for practical guidance in their financial affairs, ilife.
We are addressing our investors' clamor for information.