clamor for

clamor for (something)

To support or request something vocally or passionately. Many townspeople have clamored for this construction project because they like the idea of not having to drive 10 miles to the nearest grocery store. We decided to bring out the cake early because the kids were clamoring for it.
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clamor for someone or something

to raise a great outcry for someone or something. Everyone was clamoring for Mark. They just loved him. The children were clamoring for ice cream.
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"The result of the survey reflects both the clamor for Duterte and the rejection of trapos.
That's what the people clamor for. That's what the media clamor for.
And CEOs, especially the confident and competent ones, are recognizing that they are better off joining - and leading - the corporate governance movement than fighting off the shareholders who clamor for it.
"Public health officials should resist the transplant community's clamor for animal organs in light of this new data," cautions virologist Jon Allan of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, Texas, in a commentary accompanying th e report.
Kest is optimistic that the national clamor for banking reform and election-year pressure will persuade the Federal Reserve and other agencies to examine banks more closely.
Ang tagal tagal nang may clamor for abolition (Why can't they abolish it?
Perry's fans will clamor for this engrossing audio version.
Colorful canopy blossoms clamor for the attention of pollinators.
'The growing clamor for accountability will ensure that justice will catch up with Duterte and his cohorts.
Celtophiles will devour this title and clamor for more.
'By that time, mayroon nang clamor for body cams, sana isinama na nila.
Those who enjoyed the first will clamor for this installment.
President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday he would be the first one to clamor for the lifting of martial law once 'equanimity' and 'stability' is achieved in war-torn Marawi City.
'We're happy that there is clamor for an extension from the people.
Never before have people sounded such massive clamor for someone to run for the presidency.