clamor against

clamor against (something)

To object to something vocally or passionately. Many townspeople have clamored against this construction project because they feel it will greatly increase traffic through the town.
See also: clamor

clamor against someone or something

to raise a great outcry against someone or something. The protestors clamored against the mayor. The citizens clamored against the new taxes.
See also: clamor
References in classic literature ?
I forbear to remark upon the additional pretext for clamor against the judiciary, which so considerable an augmentation of its authority would have afforded.
While Dutocq was returning to the clerks' office and asking himself how he could best incite a clamor against his chief without compromising himself, Bixiou rushed to the Rabourdin office for a word of greeting.
President Duterte seems to be disillusioned in thinking that he can silence the growing dissent and clamor against his tyrannical and dictatorial rule by implementing his iron fist on the people,' Lidasan said
Wheaton residents clamor against drug treatment center proposal
Meanwhile, another consumer group Bantay Konsumer, Kalsada, Kuryente (BK3) has joined the clamor against the proposed taxes on sugar saying it is just too high.
Vemula's death sparked a wave of public protests, with leading politicians flocking to Hyderabad to add their voices to the growing clamor against not just the university, but also the government - especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who remained silent for nearly a week after the tragedy.
One notable aspect of the construction project is the absence of public clamor against it.
On November 24, The New York Times published a page-one story by Tamar Lewin that explored why "an odd hush has fallen over Washington: the sound of advocacy groups that have been unable to create much of a clamor against the most drastic cuts in decades.
As varied as the individual backgrounds and the contemporary settings, the reasons range from a clamor against confirming John Rutledge, who was President Washington's nominee in 1795, because of a speech against the Jay Treaty, to the increased voting power of Southern blacks as a deciding factor in the 58-42 Senate vote against Robert Bork, President Reagan's ill-fated nominee in 1987.
But despite the growing clamor against the industry mainly from environmentalists, it continues to play a big role in the economy.
The strong opposition expressed by the different groups directly affected by the proposed measure notwithstanding, the Cebu Port Authority went on to pass the aforesaid resolution seemingly oblivious of the public clamor against its imposition," the letter read.
defendants constitute part of the growing clamor against the nuclear threat.
Duterte has hinted ever so subtly he has already in mind a fall-back position, a way out for him should the clamor against the Libingan burial become so intense.
The clamor against Torre was initiated online by cultural activist Carlos Celdran when the project was still being advertised in 2012.
The clamor against Torre, which began in 2012 through an online campaign initiated by cultural activist Carlos Celdran, is now the subject of three court cases.