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clamber in(to something)

To climb into something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered into it, whooping and laughing. I opened the door of the van, and everyone tried to clamber in at once.
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clamber on

To climb on(to something) in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered on, whooping and laughing the whole time. I clambered on the table to change the lightbulb.
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clamber onto (something)

To climb onto something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered onto it, whooping and laughing.
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clamber up (something)

To climb something. Everyone else was able to clamber up the rope in gym class, but I struggled, thanks to my scrawny arms.
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When the coalman had been Colin |Perry had to put pennies in the gas meter by clambering over the coal
Annual or herbaceous climbers dying back in autumn are best for clambering through hedges; climbers with tendrils or twining stems most suitable because they attach themselves to the stems of the host.
FRANCISCO ESTRADA'S LATEST ECO-SCHEME SOUNDS LIKE AN oxymoron: 20 off-road vehicles clambering over a vast plain known for its threatened wildlife.
The prettier fence allows folks on either side of the border to look out over the other side and even to communicate through, but it's tall enough to prevent any clambering over the top.
First, however, it was necessary to free the stuck solar panel, which turned out to be jammed by a metal strap that could only be reached by somehow clambering across the outside of the station where there were neither handholds nor footrests.
He had climbed out of a top-floor window and over a balustrade before clambering around pillars.
As the lifeboat started a search of the river, crew members who were waiting at the lifeboat station were surprised to see a man clambering on to the station gangway from the rocks under the station jetty.
All I can say is this: it's better than Madonna, Debbie Harry and Julia Roberts clambering over me all at the same time.
In one incident a youth was spotted clambering up scaffolding trying to get into windows and, in another, youths were reported climbing onto the roof of the multi-storey building, off Church Road.
As bystanders cluster nearby, the emergency services take care of business, searching the fields with German shepherds or clambering through the bus as if it were a jungle gym.
When coastguard teams arrived, they found it had managed to swim to shore before clambering onto an isolated rock - from which they were unable to carry out a rescue operation.
``It involved the coast guard clambering over rocks and looking in cub by holes in the middle of the night, which can be quite dangerous, '' he said.
A group of youngsters were spotted inside the works in Woottons Lane and clambering on to the roof of the compound on Monday this week.
No doubt he'd love to have keel-hauled the two green protesters armed with climbing gear who had a whale of a time clambering over him while trying to unfurl their `Save the Whale' banner.
After the clambering excesses of the 1980s, it might be claimed that Melbourne could not readily accommodate further high buildings.