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clamber in(to something)

To climb into something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered into it, whooping and laughing. I opened the door of the van, and everyone tried to clamber in at once.
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clamber on

To climb on(to something) in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered on, whooping and laughing the whole time. I clambered on the table to change the lightbulb.
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clamber onto (something)

To climb onto something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered onto it, whooping and laughing.
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clamber up (something)

To climb something. Everyone else was able to clamber up the rope in gym class, but I struggled, thanks to my scrawny arms.
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clamber onto something

 and clamber in (to something); clamber on
to climb onto something clumsily. The kids clambered onto the tractor and tried to start it. The wagon stopped and the kids clambered on. All the campers clambered into the bus.
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clamber up (something)

to climb up something, especially in a particular way. The wall climbers clambered up the wall quickly. Tricia clambered up the ladder and cautiously went down again.
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Noakes clambered up the column using nothing but a ladder, which was tilted backwards by the overhang of the monument.
He clambered over his balcony and only held on for a few seconds before he dropped.
People ask me what it's like at my age being clambered over by a two-yearold at six in the morning telling me to wake up.
Up to 80 workers clambered on to the roof at Visteon's factory in Enfield yesterday and pledged to remain until the firm agrees to meet the union Unite..
The woman had clambered out of the car by the time they arrived.
So no matter how many press-ups have been pumped, balls bowled in the nets or obstacles clambered, the real evidence will be unveiled at 11am on Wednesday.
The council claims that Ricky, who first clambered onto the roof of the house in Raldan Close, Barry, in April, 2006, owes pounds 741.44 in council tax for 2006/07.
As smoke engulfed him and flames raced up the stairs, Kenneth Humphreys, aged 65, clambered out of a back window and jumped to safety.
Richard Woods, 50, from Mill-brook, east Cornwall, and his partner Jetti Mantzke from San Francisco, California, clambered into a cage lowered by a helicopter scrambled from the US Navy frigate USS Ford.
ANYONE who has clambered up the volcanoes Vesuvius and Etna sniggers about how daft it is to build houses on the slopes.
48 hours later, unclaimed corpses floated by; funeral homes no longer had room for the dead; people frantically clambered onto rooftops and waved makeshift flags to attract aerial rescue; looting was rampant; police (where they could be found) were fired on by snipers; and a hospital was attacked by those seeking drugs.
The 13-year-old clambered up the tree on Longcroft in Almondbury yesterday evening, but then became stuck 25ft up as the light began to fade.
Ryan Edwards clambered up the towering sycamore at Netherley Brook in Wood Lane, Netherley, to retrieve a coat he had thrown up there.
Thomas Manninger clambered out of a first-floor window, climbed up a drainpipe and walked across the roof of his house, before falling 20 feet to the ground.
The scientists making the selection clambered all over the tree of life, looking for lineages near dramatic branching points, according to Adam Felsenfeld, a biologist at NHGRI in Bethesda, Md.