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Labeling documents carefully is a corollary to claiming privilege wisely.
166 does not bar taxpayers from claiming bad debt deductions in these situations, they are generally subject to close scrutiny; see Caligiuri, 549 F2d 1155 (8th Cir.
Gulf Underwriters Insurance Company, a group of welders sued NEMA claiming that it issued standards permitting the use of manganese in welding rods, even though it knew about the dangers of manganese fumes.
The draft Regulation aims to harmonise the use of such claims so that products claiming to be for example "high fibre" have a defined minimum amount of fibre per defined unit (e.g.
* Name and Social Security number of the parent claiming the exemption.
In the late 1980s, however, victim advocates, with help from feminist groups and trial lawyers, began claiming this rule was not liberal enough in cases of alleged child sex abuse.
Until recently, the FDA prohibited labels from claiming that a food could prevent disease.