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11) The question was 'Regardless of whether on not you support abortion, are you yourself in favour or against the cost of abortion being claimable under Medicare?
Nevertheless, the courts recognize that the whole of the victim's expected earnings are not claimable.
The bill gives companies 90 days to fix bugs before lawsuits can be filed, and caps the amount of damages claimable.
We lost to a deflected goal, we had a couple of real claimable penalties, but the decisions didn't go our way.
Mental damage would be included as being specifically claimable (Article 9).
The claimable political benefits of an ETI policy can be large and the costs of claiming them small.
Stott, in turn, reviews the 1988 government decision to shelve a major dam project (Nam Choam), situating this "conservationist" success as part of a broader cultural redefinition of undeveloped forest as dangerous and illicit wilderness (pa thu'an), to the forest as claimable "nature" (thammachat), a resource and symbol for national pride and protection.
This means that VAT incurred on common costs and general overheads such as marketing and promotional expenses, utilities, professional fees, purchases of office furniture will not be fully claimable and would need to be apportioned.
The rise was underpinned by a "one-off event", which saw 1,131 connected personal service companies (PSCs) enter creditors' voluntary liquidation (CVL) in response to changes to claimable expense rules.
They turned up on the day kitted out for work to help Chris clear some buildings out and get some stuff into skips and separated what was claimable and what was not claimable and to be fair to them they all got stuck in.
MARC notes that in the event of a failure to achieve scheduled COD, TNB Manjung Five's liability is adequately covered by provisions for liquidated damages claimable from the EPC contractors.
For all claims that pertain to ESUHSD, prepare and file actual Medi-Cal/LEA reimbursement claims, amended reimbursement claims and estimated claims along with the preparation and filing of any newly claimable programs from which the ESUHSD may submit for later reimbursement.
An appellant should ensure that all amounts potentially claimable are included in the appeal application to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation so as to satisfy the AED 200,000 threshold, even if a portion of this amount has minimal prospects of being awarded by the Court.