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Please be aware that whilst a health fund may indicate that they provide a rebate for specific modalities, this rebate may only be claimable if the client has the appropriate level of health cover with that fund and has not exceeded any limits on how much they are eligible to claim back over a certain period of time.
According to Mr Sialai, eligible members are required to fill a mileage reimbursement claim form for the claimable distance covered based on the provisions of the SRC circular.
"Fundamentally, if a company is carrying out R&D then many costs associated with this process, including utility, building, support staff, consumables, prototyping and even external contractor costs, are often claimable.
The maximum claimable sum of insurance indemnity is understood to be within 1.4 million rubles.
This means that value-added tax (VAT) incurred on common costs and general overheads such as marketing and promotional expenses, utilities, professional fees, purchases of office furniture will not be fully claimable and would need to be apportioned.
This means VAT incurred on common costs and overheads will only be claimable only to an extent, it stated.
BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016 is a HRDF claimable event.
A standard objection to socioeconomic human rights is that they are not claimable as human rights: their correlative duties are not owed to each human, independently of specific institutional arrangements, in an enforceable manner.
MARC notes that in the event of a failure to achieve scheduled COD, TNB Manjung Five's liability is adequately covered by provisions for liquidated damages claimable from the EPC contractors.
An appellant should ensure that all amounts potentially claimable are included in the appeal application to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation so as to satisfy the AED 200,000 threshold, even if a portion of this amount has minimal prospects of being awarded by the Court.
The claims solution provider teamed up with Claimable, a claims management and processing system, to integrate field adjusters' Google Glass data into the claims processing system.
With respect to implementation of rights, they are of two types: claimable and non-claimable.
If it is located in DPZ 1 or the NPZ the borough office or Buildings Supervision Authority will request necessary documentation from the property In the second stage an assessor carries out an Acoustic Property Assessment to determine which sound-proofing measures are necessary lithe house owner elects to use the services of the independent assessor, appointed by Hamburg Airport, the airport covers the assessment costs directly The applicant does not have to pay the assessor's costs in advance and the assessment costs do not count towards the maximum reimbursement entitlement--so the entire amount claimable can be used for acoustic work.
So well recognized is it that in the US it is heavily funded and claimable on medical insurance.
The costs would only be claimable for "out-of-hours" meetings in the evenings.