claim to fame

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claim to fame

The reason why someone or something is famous or well-known. I've heard that name before—what's his claim to fame? Jeff's big claim to fame is being on that reality show for one episode.
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someone's claim to fame

someone's reason for being well-known or famous. Her claim to fame is that she can recite the entire works of Shakespeare.
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a claim to fame

COMMON A person or place's claim to fame is something quite important or interesting that they have done or that is connected with them. Barbara Follett's greatest claim to fame is that she taught Labour MPs how to look good on television. The town's ancient castle was its main claim to fame.
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claim to fame

a reason for being regarded as unusual or noteworthy (often used when the reason cited is comical, bizarre, or trivial).
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ˌclaim to ˈfame

(often humorous) one thing that makes a person or place important or interesting: His main claim to fame is that he went to school with the President.
See also: claim, fame
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Write to: Claim to Fame, Sports Desk, Evening Telegraph, Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1FP, fax us on 024 7625 2164 or e-mail cet_sports@mrn.
The company's first claim to fame came in 1996, when it released an extremely fast Monte Carlo pricing and stress-test simulation source code within its 'Time-Library Toolkit.
His claim to fame, slaying dragons, is the common thread that runs through the stories around his life and legacy.
The rock, ultimately found to hail from Mars, now has another claim to fame.
Casey's big claim to fame is that he got shouted down at the Democratic Convention for being anti-abortion, and that he's got more replacement parts than a Cambridge Volvo.
Question: What would you do if you ran a restaurant in a little Mojave Desert town, whose main claim to fame was scorching summer heat?
The White House has a plan for every ill This country suffers from, or ever will: A plan to vaccinate each child right now, A plan to change each sword into a plow, A service corps to stiffen up our youth, A forest summit that will seek the truth On whether too much weight has been allotted To owls whose claim to fame is that they're spotted, A plan to make the airbus obsolete, A plan to change inspection rules for meat.
Marco Pierre White His claim to fame : He once made his protegE[umlaut] and now-kitchen-bad-boy Gordon Ramsay cry and at one point was the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars.
But no-one can top the claim to fame of Netherley's David Lowe.
Not surprising really for a 19-year-old teenager with a face like a dinner plate and a sole claim to fame that she is her parents' daughter.
It was Claire and her family, who live in Oxfordshire, who discovered Peter's claim to fame.
Other famous names turned out, too, including Sir Ben Kingsley, director Baz Luhrmann, Selma Blair with hubby Ahmet Zappa, and Kristin Cavalleri, whose latest claim to fame is being linked with Nick Lachey.
CLAIM TO FAME Gen stars as 18-year-old Kris Furillo in the new ABC Family drama series Wildfire, premiering June 20, 8 p.
Each feisty female merits a section called Vital Stats, which lists her full name, how you pronounce it, claim to fame, dates of birth and death, nationality, and cause of death.