claim to fame

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claim to fame

The reason why someone or something is famous or well-known. I've heard that name before—what's his claim to fame? Jeff's big claim to fame is being on that reality show for one episode.
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someone's claim to fame

someone's reason for being well-known or famous. Her claim to fame is that she can recite the entire works of Shakespeare.
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a claim to fame

COMMON A person or place's claim to fame is something quite important or interesting that they have done or that is connected with them. Barbara Follett's greatest claim to fame is that she taught Labour MPs how to look good on television. The town's ancient castle was its main claim to fame.
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claim to fame

a reason for being regarded as unusual or noteworthy (often used when the reason cited is comical, bizarre, or trivial).
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ˌclaim to ˈfame

(often humorous) one thing that makes a person or place important or interesting: His main claim to fame is that he went to school with the President.
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claim to fame, one's

A characteristic for which a person or thing is particularly noted. For example, describing a bridge player who won several big titles, Alan Truscott wrote, “He had three other claims to fame. His friends knew him as an extraordinary raconteur, and . . . he was addicted to opening the bidding in a three-card major suit and perpetrated outrageous psychic bids” (New York Times, April 13, 2000). This twentieth-century cliché undoubtedly owes its popularity to its rhyme.
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Claim to fame: Singer with Scots supergroup Travis.
Claim to fame: Manager of the Scotland football team.
Claim to Fame: One of Hollywood's most combustible couples.
Dan, 24, still lives with the Channel 4 presenters - but hasn't dared reveal his claim to fame.
His previous claim to fame was that he once groomed the legendary Grand National racehorse Red Rum.
CLAIM TO FAME Freddy was just Signed to Major League Soccer, and hopes to make the U.S.
"Quite frankly it is his claim to fame - some might say his only claim to fame.
CLAIM TO FAME He's a boy genius, who attends grad school at University of Virginia, striving toward not just one PhD--but four!
And friend and fellow glamour model Leilani managed to remind the stars at the glittering gathering of silicone-enhanced Jordan's main claim to fame, by posing with a pair of strategically placed balloons.
CLAIM TO FAME Kevin has been playing drums since age 3, which landed him the role of 10-year-old Freddy Jones in School of Rock.
The blonde, whose claim to fame is dating Paul Nicholls, said: "I don't see Ritchie at all anymore and I couldn't care less about his solo career." We also hear that Joanna might have to wear braces as her wisdom teeth are playing up - and is worried by the implications for her career.
claim to fame: importing rum and turning it into cheap liquor
CLAIM TO FAME Jeremy is playing the boy who never grows up.
Claim to fame: Recently beat Charlie Dimmock as most fancied TV gardener.
CLAIM TO FAME: Carry On girl became Shakespearian actress in Twelth Night