claim (something) for (oneself or something)

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claim (something) for (oneself or something)

1. To declare something as one's property or jurisdiction. You can't have his potato chips—I already claimed them for myself! Do you think he might actually claim the throne for himself? After the battle, the victorious country claimed the contested area for itself.
2. To officially request money as repayment for damages. I can't believe he's claiming thousands of dollars for repairs when I barely dented his fender.
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claim something for someone or something

to declare rights to or control of something for someone, or that something is the property of someone, a group, or a nation. The small country claimed the mountainous area for itself. Roger claimed all the rest of the ice cream for himself.
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claim something for something

to make a claim for money in payment for damages. David claimed one thousand dollars for the damaged car. She claimed a lot of money for the amount of harm she experienced.
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If Americans have a fault, it is that deep in their heart of hearts, they have never really believed that other peoples have a right to the freedoms that Americans claim for themselves or that their story has a place alongside America's.
Highlighting the pejorative keywords which the in-group and the out-group use against each other, the author explains what chosen traumas and glories both sides claim for themselves, and how the imagination of Iraqi unity has become the main driver to label each other as "traitor." While Shi'as are vilified as "Iranian infiltrators" due to their sectarian identity, Sunnis are quite similarly denounced as "takfiri" or "Salafi" to underpin a counter claim arguing that Iraqi Sunnis bow to Gulf influence.
And it is time for young and moderate voices all across the Middle East to claim for themselves a bright and beautiful future.
Both arrogantly seek to physically deny others the same constitutional rights they claim for themselves, including freedom of speech and the right to assemble.
Brexiters can hardly deny to their opponents the same democratic right that they claim for themselves, unless they secretly fear that the British public has, in fact, had second thoughts.
Strauss (right) said: "At its most simple, the big consequence for not going is you are giving someone else an opportunity to step into your shoes and stake a claim for themselves.
He said: "I think, at its most simple [level], the big consequence for not going is you are giving someone else an opportunity to step into your shoes and stake a claim for themselves.
The collective identity made visible in the spatial patterns of a yard novel is an "indirect plea for visibility and witness that the otherwise outcast and forgotten people must claim for themselves" (59).
Importantly it's a space that artists can claim for themselves.
Institutionally suspicious of India, the generals fear politicians could give too many concessions to India on Kashmir, the former princely state split between the two countries which both claim for themselves.
In some of the most interesting parts of the book, Weingrad shows how the Hebraists pursued themes such as the American Indians and rural America in order to express the rejection of urban, contemporary America, and as a means to claim for themselves a more "authentic" type of American identity.
I am here talking about all Kuwaitis, not the loyalists or the opposition, although I can mention some dissenters who treated their country like they were tourists, and fled as soon as the crisis began, and did nothing except to wait for the liberation of the country to return and claim for themselves roles and heroic deeds that only exist in their sick imaginations.
HSBC likes to describe itself as 'friendly' and 'local', which is actually well deserved as far as the Corwen staff are concerned, but needs to apply to the whole organisation if they wish continue to make this claim for themselves.
"I have players out and those who come in were asked to stake a claim for themselves. They did not do it, they have failed.