claim (something) for (oneself or something)

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claim (something) for (oneself or something)

1. To declare something as one's property or jurisdiction. You can't have his potato chips—I already claimed them for myself! Do you think he might actually claim the throne for himself? After the battle, the victorious country claimed the contested area for itself.
2. To officially request money as repayment for damages. I can't believe he's claiming thousands of dollars for repairs when I barely dented his fender.
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claim something for someone or something

to declare rights to or control of something for someone, or that something is the property of someone, a group, or a nation. The small country claimed the mountainous area for itself. Roger claimed all the rest of the ice cream for himself.
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claim something for something

to make a claim for money in payment for damages. David claimed one thousand dollars for the damaged car. She claimed a lot of money for the amount of harm she experienced.
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The "exclusive economic zone" we claim for ourselves includes part of Taiwan.
'That our differences in the identities we claim for ourselves, in the people we choose to love, and in the lives we choose to lead, do not inevitably set us against each other, so long as we can act with openness and respect.'
Their components are replaceable, they can work tirelessly and complete thousands of complex calculations within fractions of a second, which we cannot claim for ourselves.
Are we wont to claim for ourselves privileges and entitlements that are not ours?
There is simply no description of mental and physical causation that allows for this freedom that we habitually claim for ourselves and ascribe to others."
"Freedom," in the language of these foundational texts, "is something we give to one another, rather than something we claim for ourselves," she explained.
The people of Pakistan stand by their Iranian brothers and sisters and firmly believe that it is Iran alone which should decide its security needs as we claim for ourselves in Pakistan, he concluded.
Among ourselves, chaplains may consider this a part of our "prophetic" role, although it is a role we do not always claim for ourselves.
Advancing to the 19th century we can claim for ourselves one of the age's finest novelists.
The temptation to claim for ourselves all within our grasp sets us on a course that destroys neighbor and planet.
GUINNESS is not the only "Irish" item to have question marks raised over its origin and plenty of things we claim for ourselves belong to other countries.
We believe we have the right to initiate new life for the sake of what it may provide us, i.e., bone marrow, stem cells, of a specific identity, but we claim for ourselves a right not to be used, or treated as a means to an end.
"If we keep playing like we are, with everyone contributing, then the prize is there for us to claim for ourselves."
Concluding his speech, he said: "We can no longer be guided by this shortsighted notion that what we can claim for ourselves we can deny to others.
Peace means to accept the rights of the other, the same rights we claim for ourselves. Peace is a political stance.