claim (something) for (oneself or something)

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claim (something) for (oneself or something)

1. To declare something as one's property or jurisdiction. You can't have his potato chips—I already claimed them for myself! Do you think he might actually claim the throne for himself? After the battle, the victorious country claimed the contested area for itself.
2. To officially request money as repayment for damages. I can't believe he's claiming thousands of dollars for repairs when I barely dented his fender.
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claim something for someone or something

to declare rights to or control of something for someone, or that something is the property of someone, a group, or a nation. The small country claimed the mountainous area for itself. Roger claimed all the rest of the ice cream for himself.
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claim something for something

to make a claim for money in payment for damages. David claimed one thousand dollars for the damaged car. She claimed a lot of money for the amount of harm she experienced.
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that is the only positive quality I claim for myself.
The name is the main contribution that I claim for myself. To get the project up and running has been a major team effort led by Cheryl Fraser, our splendid web manager.
It's a huge Ge ha Ch compliment but something I would never claim for myself," said Craig.
"I've been used up front and hopefully I've made a claim for myself," he said.
They are in effect saying: "I deny to unborn human beings the inviolable right to life which I claim for myself and for other human beings".
The Greenbergian quip is deliberate, but don't take this to mean that I claim for myself the kind of authority Greenberg enjoyed.
"Whatever quality I might claim for myself, I do not appear to attract the lunatic fringe," he added.
That is why I claim for myself the right to take you to account for what you do." Then, ever the patrician, she adds, "Besides, you cannot deny who I am (man ana), nor what I have done in the service of my country, nor the merit and investment of my house and my family in this cause" (337).
I have been arguing the heterogeneity of travel books for so long, so testily and in so many countries that I brashly (and probably unjustifiably) claim for myself a worldwide effect: namely that in all the best bookshops "Travel Literature" is now stacked separately from plain "Travel." It is only fair, not only to the authors but also to the customers.