claim (something) for (oneself or something)

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claim (something) for (oneself or something)

1. To declare something as one's property or jurisdiction. You can't have his potato chips—I already claimed them for myself! Do you think he might actually claim the throne for himself? After the battle, the victorious country claimed the contested area for itself.
2. To officially request money as repayment for damages. I can't believe he's claiming thousands of dollars for repairs when I barely dented his fender.
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claim something for someone or something

to declare rights to or control of something for someone, or that something is the property of someone, a group, or a nation. The small country claimed the mountainous area for itself. Roger claimed all the rest of the ice cream for himself.
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claim something for something

to make a claim for money in payment for damages. David claimed one thousand dollars for the damaged car. She claimed a lot of money for the amount of harm she experienced.
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If the Senate were elected, it could rapidly claim for itself the right to make or break the government or, at the very least, more brazenly oppose financial measures.
Writing for the Tory website Conservative Home, Lord Ashcrocft says: "Silly stunts like this do not sit easily with the qualities that a party of government should be able to claim for itself."
Enter the Absentees Property Law: Passed by the Knesset in 1950, it gave the newly minted Jewish state the authority to claim for itself the property of those Arab residents of Palestine who had fled their homes during the war.
The story of "A Christmas Story" itself is rather remarkable, as it has slowly but surely staked a claim for itself as a popular holiday theatrical attraction.
Waiting at the door to get in is also New York City, which from the turn of the 20th century, was regularly making this claim for itself. That is, New York's politicians were making it when they were buttering up industrialists.
If the work is indeed a work, it will resist this partitioning at every turn and claim for itself the autonomy that can come only from the practice of imagining the presence of this now not-so-secret equality in every line, shape, color, and sound.
It is still comparatively early days for the institution, and it is by no means a shameful record, but how much credit the ruling party can claim for itself in the new-found confidence of Wales is arguable when so much investment is still needed.
Whatever it might claim for itself, it must be for the Christian a "vale of tears," the land of our sojourning.
catechism could claim for itself undeniable, unquestionable,
But whatever political mileage could be gained by the historic meeting, the British government was quick to claim for itself. Prime Minister Blair wasted no time at all claiming it was the toppling of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein that finally convinced Gadaffi to throw open his country to weapons inspectors, thus bolstering his reasons for a war he is increasingly struggling to justify in his own country and abroad.
Is it because the Bible makes this claim for itself or because it is so regarded in the Protestant tradition to which F.
"Isn't it only right that the public should claim for itself a concrete benefit arising from the new, digital use of the spectrum?"