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second-class citizen

One who is deemed less important than others within a society. The waitress was so rude to me that I started feeling like a second-class citizen. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being ignored like second-class citizens!
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citizen of the world

One who feels comfortable in any country. Her many travels have caused her to become a citizen of the world.
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second class

1. (Describing) travel seating and accommodation that is considered slightly inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. I always fly second class because it saves a huge amount of money. Even though I booked for first class, they only had second-class seats available.
2. Deemed to be less important or deserving of fair treatment than others. inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being treated like second-class citizens! Voters from the region are urging leaders not to treat them like they are second class any longer.
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second class

1. Inferior; see second best.
2. Travel accommodations ranking below the highest or first class, as in Traveling second class on European trains is not only cheaper but gives you more contact with local people . [c. 1840]
3. In the United States and Canada, a category of mail consisting of periodicals and newspapers. [c. 1870]
4. second-class citizen. An individual regarded or treated as inferior to others in status or rights, an underprivileged person. For example, In many countries women still are considered second-class citizens. This term uses second class in the sense of "inferior." [c. 1940]
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citizen of the world

a person who is at home in any country.
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Joe Citizen

(ˈdʒo ˈsɪtəsnæ)
n. a general term for a male representative of the public. Joe Citizen hasn’t spoken yet! Watch the results of the election.
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A year ago, sources said, the social welfare department had sought forms for registration and making the senior citizen cards.
The Pakistan Citizens Portal app which was launched on October 28 is aimed at solving problems of citizens through the portal.
In this case, a bank account will be opened for the citizen, and funds will be transferred to the account, from which the citizen will be able to withdraw their money.
in addition to his separate role as president of Citizen Watch Co of America.
Also, the 1790 Naturalization Act, referred to by Byas, was repealed by the 1795 Naturalization Act to replace the term "natural born citizen" in the 1790 Act with merely "Citizen" in the 1795 Act.
The number of specialists from the national workforce by the end of the first quarter of the current year amounted / 27449 / citizens compared to / 26345 / citizens during the same period of 2014, the number of technicians / 16945 / citizens compared to / 16418 / citizens; professional workers / 67699 / citizens compared to / 65314 / citizens; skilled workers / 39969 / citizens compared to / 38 542 / citizens; semi-skilled workers / 62068 / citizens compared / 60642 / citizens.
The proportion of births in October was the largest rate with 9.3 per cent, while the lowest was in December at 7.0 per cent, (A range of 2.3 percentage points).On the other hand, the relative distribution did not differ between citizens and non-citizens often in 2010 except in January and July (a difference of 0.4 per cent and 0.6 per cent in January and July, respectively).
The organization's Web site features profiles of the nine "2010-2012 Citizen-Engaged Communities." There are summaries of each jurisdiction's contact center operations and citizen participation processes, and information about how they use integrated communication channels and technologies.
Working in collaboration with researchers from Michigan State University and the University of North Carolina, Duffy and colleague Esther Thorson analysed citizen news sites in 47 towns and cities across the US.
The survey primarily elicited responses regarding citizen involvement in the county budget process.
The success of local government relies heavily on the engagement and awareness of the citizens in the community where it exists.
It is time the ordinary citizens governed our city--and we should lead them!
citizen decedent, this could be the equivalent of having a second unified credit.
Thus, for a democracy to function in a vibrant and sound manner, citizen leaders must have a minimal level of interest and knowledge.
Citizen access to official government information, forms, frequently asked questions -- even Podcasts -- took a historic leap forward with the launch of new search capabilities added to the U.S.