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second-class citizen

One who is deemed less important than others within a society. The waitress was so rude to me that I started feeling like a second-class citizen. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being ignored like second-class citizens!
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citizen of the world

One who feels comfortable in any country. Her many travels have caused her to become a citizen of the world.
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second class

1. (Describing) travel seating and accommodation that is considered slightly inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. I always fly second class because it saves a huge amount of money. Even though I booked for first class, they only had second-class seats available.
2. Deemed to be less important or deserving of fair treatment than others. inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being treated like second-class citizens! Voters from the region are urging leaders not to treat them like they are second class any longer.
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second class

1. Inferior; see second best.
2. Travel accommodations ranking below the highest or first class, as in Traveling second class on European trains is not only cheaper but gives you more contact with local people . [c. 1840]
3. In the United States and Canada, a category of mail consisting of periodicals and newspapers. [c. 1870]
4. second-class citizen. An individual regarded or treated as inferior to others in status or rights, an underprivileged person. For example, In many countries women still are considered second-class citizens. This term uses second class in the sense of "inferior." [c. 1940]
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citizen of the world

a person who is at home in any country.
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Joe Citizen

(ˈdʒo ˈsɪtəsnæ)
n. a general term for a male representative of the public. Joe Citizen hasn’t spoken yet! Watch the results of the election.
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Technicians in scientific, technical and humanities reached / 16945 / citizens compared to / 16419 / citizens; clerical / 48631 / citizens compared to / 46935 / citizens; sales / 11636 / citizens compared to / 11302 / citizens; service / 43020 / citizens compared to / 41592 / citizens.
In the literature on service learning and civic engagement, the end of the citizenship continuum most documented as being related to service learning participation (Perry & Katula, 2001; Hunter & Brisbin, 2000) seems to be best illustrated by the personally responsible citizen that Westheimer and Kahne (2004) described.
In this role, GSA acquires products and services on behalf of federal agencies; plays a key role in developing and implementing government-wide policies; provides services and solutions for the office operations of more than one million federal workers; and encourages a citizen -centric relationship with government by providing a single "point of entry" to the information and services citizens need in a timeframe they can appreciate.
Citizens Bank and First National Bank compete directly in the Batesville banking market in Arkansas.
For agencies hoping to strengthen community alliances, the challenge for the future is to begin including a broader range of the public in their citizen police academy programs.
citizen and a resident of a possession at the time of his death is, for purposes of the estate tax, considered a "nonresident not a citizen of the United States," but only if such person acquired his U.
If you construct society so that the only reason to become an active citizen is that it's the right thing to do, then most people won't be active citizens.
Every citizen has the right to freedom of public expression, orally or in writing or in all other means of expression and to participate in review, criticism and construction such as will secure the well-being of the national and patriotic structures and support the socialist regime.
Project Netgap has a unique multi-level design with seventh grade students mentoring local citizens in the use of computerized technology & the internet.
Citizen police academies benefit agencies and participants.
Glenn Spencer of Voice of Citizens Together said Thursday that his organization has given a couple of hundred people, mostly in the San Fernando Valley, signs that say ``Only citizens can vote.
citizen surviving spouse through the use of a qualified domestic trust (QDT).
Understanding and responding to citizen complaints remain important issues for police administrators.
With two ceremonies a day on three days in a row, the Convention Center became a gold-rush scene for Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan groups to attract new members with remarks like: ``You're not a citizen unless you vote.
2) Deviation from this standard by the police or by citizens requires corrective measures, which may range from mere verbal disapproval to incarceration of either the citizen or the officer.