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cite (one) for (something)

1. To acknowledge or honor someone for admirable behavior. The mayor wants to cite those firefighters for saving all of the school children in the blaze.
2. To give someone a citation for a particular legal infraction. Sir, if you don't stop yelling, I'll have to cite you for disorderly conduct.
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cite (something) chapter and verse

To recite all the facts or details of something. Likened to quoting Scripture by citing the exact chapter and verse where it appears. Ask Stan if you need to be updated on the case—he can cite it chapter and verse.
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give chapter and verse

To provide full, specific, and authoritative information to support some quote, question, or issue at hand. Can also be used with similar verbs such as "offer," "cite," quote," etc. It is a reference to quoting Scripture. Don't try to debate Sarah about physics. She'll give chapter and verse until you realize she's right. You can't be so vague if you want to convince me. You'll have to give chapter and verse.
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the devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose

proverb Knowledge of Scripture does not necessarily equate to good intentions or correct moral positions, since biblical quotations can be manipulated or taken out of context to support nefarious acts or agendas. Just because he can quote the Bible doesn't mean his agenda is pure. The devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose.
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cite someone for something

1. to honor someone for doing something; to give someone a citation of honor for doing something good. The town council cited her for bravery. They cited Maria for her courageous act.
2. to charge or arraign someone for breaking a law; to issue a legal citation to someone for breaking a law. An officer cited the driver for driving too fast. The housing department cited the landlord for sanitary violations.
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devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose

 and devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose
Prov. Evil people sometimes try to win the confidence of good people by quoting persuasive passages of Scripture.; Just because someone can quote Scripture to support his or her argument does not mean that the argument is virtuous. (Scripture usually refers to the Bible, but it can refer to other religious writings.) Sadie: Dad, you really ought to give me permission to go out with Nathan. He's such a polite boy, and he can even quote the Bible. Father: The devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose.
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chapter and verse, cite/give

Back up a statement or belief by citing the precise authority on which it is based. The chapter and verse refer to the Bible, which was long considered the ultimate authority, and was (and is) frequently quoted by the clergy with precise attribution to the exact chapter and verse. The figurative use, referring to any established set of rules, dates from the seventeenth century and was long very common, but is heard less often today.
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as they Citable donors lo avoid capital gains taxes associated with the sale of these types or securities, This is an increasingly attractive benefit, as many donors have a portion or their portifolio in appreciated assets and they may want to consider donating them before donating cash.
The key to this mystery is the distinction between mere possession of marijuana, which is a citable offense subject to a maximum fine of $100 as long as the amount is no more than 25 grams (about nine-tenths of an ounce), and "public display," which is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to three months in jail.
"Whether that's a citable offence is not for me to decide.
The manuscripts accepted for publication must be readable, memorable and citable. Now we have many medial colleges in the province of Khyber PK and some of them have also started their own journals.
Ahead of Print articles are citable using the assigned DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number for the article.
denotes the average number of citations per citable article (editorials
Artists' studios are also becoming formidable and citable cross-sections of what's being made today, such as the show that painter Mike Olin curated in his studio, Purple Nurple, which presented 10 painters all working in a provisional style.
Four indicators selected for Pakistan National Research Index (PNRI) are growth in number of PhDs, number of patents registered with Pakistan, citable documents, development and non-development expenditure on higher education.
Journals IF considers only "citable" articles (i.e.