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back in(to) circulation

1. Engaging in social activities, typically after an absence. Now that my exams are done, I'm excited to get back in circulation and see my friends again. Jill wants to get back into circulation after her hospital stay.
2. Dating again after the end of a relationship. I hope to spend some time with Matt now that he's single again and back in circulation. She has mourned her husband and is ready to get back into circulation.
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out of circulation

No longer being printed for public use or purchase. I'm sorry, that magazine has been out of circulation for a few years. The government's aim is to have the 1 cent coin completely out of circulation by 2020.
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*back in(to) circulation

1. Fig. back enjoying one's social contacts; back continuing to make new friends and develop a social life. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) After her illness, Kristine looked forward to getting back into circulation. I want to get back in circulation and have some fun.
2. Fig. becoming available for dating again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Now that Fred and Amy are through, Amy is getting back into circulation. Now that you're divorced, are you going to get back into circulation?
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out of circulation

1. Lit. no longer available for use or lending. (Usually said of library materials, certain kinds of currency, etc.) I'm sorry, but the book you want is temporarily out of circulation. How long will it be out of circulation?
2. Fig. not interacting socially with other people. I don't know what's happening because I've been out of circulation for a while. My cold has kept me out of circulation for a few weeks.
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in circulation

Also, into circulation. In business or social life, especially after a period of absence. For example, After a month in the hospital Bill was eager to get back in circulation. The antonym is out of circulation, as in Since we had twins we've been out of circulation, but we're hoping to get out more often soon . These expressions, dating from the first half of the 1900s, employ circulation in the sense of "making the rounds among people," a usage dating from the 1600s.
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out of circulation

see under in circulation.
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The second-biggest gainer was El Diario La Prensa of New York City, whose circulation gained 7.
based industry trade group that provides analysis of the Fas-Fax report, said the overall industry circulation decline was "in range with what we expected.
7 percent of its circulation, down to 7571, the Christian Science Monitor, which lost 14.
Fuller noted that the publishers of both newspapers have left the company, that circulation management at both newspapers has changed and that "tougher circulation controls" have been put into place.
The NAA pointed to "innovative approaches" at a couple of papers that have had strong circulation growth: The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Tenn.
She serves on the board of directors of the INMA North American Division, the NAA Circulation Federation and the Student Press Law Center.
The sample represents approximately 35% of the dailies the company tracks and more than half of the nation's top 50 circulation newspapers.
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Audit Bureau of Circulations has been working for more than two years with newspaper publishers and advertisers to develop the new methodology that better captured changes - many driven by technology - in the ways that newspapers are read and delivered.
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One can take some faint hope from the preliminary average circulation numbers for the six months ending March 31, as compiled by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Lee's 51 newspapers that are members of the Audit Bureau of Circulations reported combined declines of 0.