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circulate among (someone or something)

To move through or within a group of people or things. Here, take this tray of hors d'oeuvres and circulate among the guests in the living room. There's a rumor circulating among the press corps that the senator is going to resign.
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circulate through (something)

1. Of a liquid, to travel through a system or network of pipes. Water doesn't seem to be circulating through the pipes from this point on, so there must be a clog.
2. To move through or within a group of people or things. Here, take this tray of hors d'oeuvres and circulate through the guests in the living room. There's a rumor circulating through the press corps that the senator is going to resign.
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circulate among someone or something

to move at random within a gathering of people or things. Karen circulated among the guests, serving drinks. The guests circulated among the various rooms in the house.
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circulate something through something

to route something through something; to make something travel through something. Walter circulated the memo from the boss through the department. I would like for you to circulate this through the members of the club.
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circulate through something

1. Lit. [for a fluid in a closed system of pipes or tubes] to flow through the various pathways of pipes and tubes. Cold water circulates through the entire building and keeps it cool. Blood circulates through the veins and arteries, reaching all parts of the body.
2. Fig. to move through a group of people or an area, from person to person. Rumors circulated through the department about Tom's retirement. Please circulate through the room and hand out these papers to each person.
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T-cells are indispensable in monocyte to fibrocyte differentiation, and deficiency in T-cells impairs this process as can be seen in a study that nude rats undergoing myocardial infarction (MI) showed few circulating fibrocytes within the myocardium.
The following tests were used to compare the clinical and laboratory parameters according to circulating CTRP1 level tertile: one-way analysis of variance, Tukey's post hoc test, and the linear-by-linear association test.
Findings showed that circulating 8-OH-dG levels, similar to the lactate levels, were markedly elevated in the non-surviving mice.
Vitamin C intake, circulating vitamin C and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of prospective studies.
The volume of net circulating capital is an important indicator of liquidity as it determines the company liquidity risk level.
Sudan's central bank said on Sunday it had started circulating 6 billion pounds to gradually replace 11 billion old pounds.
Assistant central bank governor Al-Nur Abdelsalam Al-Helu earlier said the north would not allow the import of old pounds circulating in the south.
However, circulating tumor cells can be genetically different from the primary cancer.
Makes any statement or circulates or assists in circulating any false rumor for the purpose of injuring the financial standing of any bank; or
Almost every report on circulating DNA identifies apoptosis or necrosis or both as the main source of free circulating DNA in serum and plasma.
The company said the late stage clinical study of its CellSearch Circulating Tumor Cell Kit found that circulating tumor cells levels measured 3-5 weeks after chemotherapy was started predict overall survival in prostate cancer patients whose disease had spread to other parts of the body.
Water passes through a heat exchanger and is never mixed with the circulating media, as opposed to direct systems which shoot outside water directly into the circulating media so temperatures are much harder to control and tools may become contaminated.
We report isolation of H5N1 virus genetically distinct from H5N1 circulating in 2004, which indicates reintroduction of H5N1 into Lao PDR after its disappearance (i.
In a pure water system, if the leaving water temperature drops below the setpoint, the controller halts the pumps circulating to the outdoor heat exchanger and the EcoDry automatically drains its water back to an indoor reservoir.
But since these cells are so rare--virtually undetectable in some women--and tricky to distinguish from a mother's own cells, Bianchi and other researchers put these circulating cells on the back burner as a new source for genetic testing.