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circulate among (someone or something)

To move through or within a group of people or things. Here, take this tray of hors d'oeuvres and circulate among the guests in the living room. There's a rumor circulating among the press corps that the senator is going to resign.
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circulate through (something)

1. Of a liquid, to travel through a system or network of pipes. Water doesn't seem to be circulating through the pipes from this point on, so there must be a clog.
2. To move through or within a group of people or things. Here, take this tray of hors d'oeuvres and circulate through the guests in the living room. There's a rumor circulating through the press corps that the senator is going to resign.
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circulate among someone or something

to move at random within a gathering of people or things. Karen circulated among the guests, serving drinks. The guests circulated among the various rooms in the house.
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circulate something through something

to route something through something; to make something travel through something. Walter circulated the memo from the boss through the department. I would like for you to circulate this through the members of the club.
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circulate through something

1. Lit. [for a fluid in a closed system of pipes or tubes] to flow through the various pathways of pipes and tubes. Cold water circulates through the entire building and keeps it cool. Blood circulates through the veins and arteries, reaching all parts of the body.
2. Fig. to move through a group of people or an area, from person to person. Rumors circulated through the department about Tom's retirement. Please circulate through the room and hand out these papers to each person.
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In January, the Ministry of Social Solidarity announced the closure of an orphanage, after a five-minute footage circulated on social media revealing possible child abuse.
He added that the day when the circulated video footage was filmed, the department processed 3073 applications and that the CCTV cameras showed that the performance of the staff met the ministry standards.
Ideally, the minutes should be circulated within a month or two while they are ratified only in the next AGM," he said.
Contrary to what the circulated email stated, the Eid stamp was originally issued in 2001 and was re-issued several times as prices increased.
One of the strengths of Dooley's book is its demonstration that the unpublished handwritten newsletters circulated to produce the same kind of public debate and political excoriation as the eighteenth-century British pamphlets that Habermas describes.
The invention relates to a method of drying wood in a drying chamber, wherein a drying medium, for instance air, is circulated through a batch of wood placed in the drying chamber in a wood-drying process.
Europeans--especially Germans--tried in the past to prevent their currencies from being circulated widely abroad.
The inner layer of the hose, the hose tube, is formulated from synthetic rubber having, in addition to strength and resistance to damage, inertness to the fluid that will be circulated. Between these layers, a woven braid contributes to the burst strength of the hose.
The resulting heat is circulated through the floors, which are a composite of corrugated steel sheet and concrete no more than 650 mm deep, but with the granite floor finish, this gives them enough mass to gently distribute the heat (which can be locally controlled).
After the binder is melted, cold air is circulated to cool the preform to about 160 F, and cooling continues until the table returns to the spray-up position.
Although NSF never published the report, it was widely circulated throughout the organization in draft form.
By the time New York trading began that day, the dollar had come well off its highs after reports circulated that several central banks had been intervening and as the likelihood of violence in the Soviet Union appeared to diminish.
The SIUT director in a statement said a totally false and fabricated news is being circulated on social media, claiming the demise of Professor Adib Rizvi.
Drafts of the proposed federal Constitution being circulated online are merely working copies, not the official and final copy approved by President Rodrigo Duterte's charter change committee.
By: MENA KHARTOUM - 24 September 2017: Sudan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday denied reports circulated in some social media that diplomatic relations with Egypt have been frozen, Sudan News Agency reported.