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circular file

A jocular term for a trashcan or waste basket, i.e., a receptacle for unwanted files. You have to make your application really stand out if you don't want it to end up in the employer's circular file.
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circular firing squad

A group, usually a political party, that is allied against a common enemy or opponent but whose internal disagreements and attacks end up doing more damage to each other than to their target. The lead up to the presidential nomination saw the party devolve into a circular firing squad, as each candidate's vociferous bid to unseat the incumbent president ended up creating huge divisions and disarray within the party itself.
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circular file

and round file
n. a wastebasket. (see also file thirteen.) Most of the junk mail sits here until I can put it into the circular file. Oh, that letter? It went straight to the round file.
See also: circular, file
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The CNBC Award for Circular Economy Investor: ABN AMRO Bank NV, for being at the forefront of circular finance, and using their circular experts and relationship managers to work together in agile teams to understand and enable financing of new business models emerging from the principles of the circular economy.
The Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has also sought details of these circular debts in committee's meeting from government.
Does your circular account for individual product purchase cycles?
MAs that occur after the effectivity of the circulars but before that of the PCA IRR require notification.
Take reasonable steps to ensure that the firm has adequate procedures in effect for its members, associates, and employees for compliance with Circular 230 obligations (Circular 230, [section] 10.
ECRM data on circular promotions of fragrances show that chain drug stores accounted for at least 80% of the ad count in the 52 weeks.
This bulletin is intended to bring the Circular to the attention of those persons to whom it applies.
The circular said Deportation centers would be established in Sirnak, Sanliurfa, Konya, Tekirdag, Igdir and Duzce.
Revisions to the circular include updated specifications for nonferrous grades Honey and Zorba and the addition of new guidelines for Tally, Elmo and Shelmo.
Department of Treasury published amendments to Circular 230 (hereinafter referred to as "final regulations"), which generally governs practice before the Internal Revenue Service by attorneys, accountants, and other tax consultants and practitioners.
The Office of Management and Budget's Circular A-133 2005, Compliance Supplement, identifies compliance requirements that the federal government expects as part of an audit in accordance with the single audit act and OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments and Not-for-profit Organizations.
Demos set as his objective an admittedly speculative exploration of the movement from what he describes as the circular (more traditional) to the linear (more modern) approaches to living.
The modified field expressions are used for numerical near-field computations of the diffraction profiles and transmission coefficients of circular apertures and slits.
In this first installment of the translation of the correspondence between Ibn Sina and al-Biruni, al-As'ilah wa'l-Ajwibah, Ibn Sina responds to the first question posed to him by al-Biruni who criticizes reasons given by Aristotle for denying levity or gravity to the celestial spheres and the Aristotelian notion of circular motion being an innate property of the heavenly bodies.