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circular file

A jocular term for a trashcan or waste basket, i.e., a receptacle for unwanted files. You have to make your application really stand out if you don't want it to end up in the employer's circular file.
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circular firing squad

A group, usually a political party, that is allied against a common enemy or opponent but whose internal disagreements and attacks end up doing more damage to each other than to their target. The lead up to the presidential nomination saw the party devolve into a circular firing squad, as each candidate's vociferous bid to unseat the incumbent president ended up creating huge divisions and disarray within the party itself.
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no hawkers, no circulars

A sign placed outside homes and businesses to discourage unwelcome solicitation, often by mail. We have a plaque outside that says "No hawkers, no circulars," and yet we still get all this junk mail shoved in our front door.
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circular file

and round file
n. a wastebasket. (see also file thirteen.) Most of the junk mail sits here until I can put it into the circular file. Oh, that letter? It went straight to the round file.
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ECRM data on circular promotions of fragrances show that chain drug stores accounted for at least 80% of the ad count in the 52 weeks.
the Lorw, couits concluded that the Treasury/IRS did riot have the authority to, regulate heretofore unlicensed preparers under Circular 230 because return preparation did not constitute "practice" under Circular 230, as "practice" only meant "representing' a taxpayer in a matter before the IRS and that rciutti preparation was just that: prTaration for the client's submission of a return that did not involve uetutti preparation.
The transition toward a circular economy should lead to the development of smart cities, a shift to electric cars, and reduce the need of electricity due to smart solutions.
Banks have started to react to the needs of the Circular Economy
The city's festivals have already A-recognised the potential of the A-circular economy and have been working with Circular Edinburgh.
'While the DOE's mandate is to monitor oil price movements, we believe the Circular leads the industry back to the path of regulation.
According an evaluation conducted in 2015, around 46,700 employees already worked in the circular economy field in the British capital in 2013 (5).
"Circular economy has the potential to generate 1.4 crore jobs in the next 5-7 years & create lakhs of new entrepreneurs.
Ratnasiri however insisted that the circular had the approval of the Minister.
Assistant Attorney General at Lahore High Court Bahawalpur Bench Chaudhry Ramzan Shama said any police official had no authority to release such order as had been given in the circular. He said only in special circumstances the administration, in consultation with the higher authorities, could impose such restrictions.
Wood cutting requires a circular saw blade to maintain optimal working condition for a long period of time.
Moving towards a more circular economy is a logical proposition.
Education Minister Maszlee Malik today denied banning Opposition lawmakers from visiting schools, pinning it instead on a 10-year-old circular that required them to secure prior permission from the state directors.
Francis Moriasi has challenged a circular issued by the AG directing state corporations to seek approval from his office before hiring outside lawyers.
Karachi -- President Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF), President AKIA, Senior Vice Chairman of the Businessmen Panel of FPCCI and former provincial minister, Mian Zahid Hussain on Friday said circular debts have clutched the national economy; with increase of Rs.