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circuit slugger

In baseball, a player who often hits home runs, running the full circuit of bases when they do so. The new circuit slugger has been an incredible asset to the team this season.
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the sawdust circuit

dated The itinerary of or route taken by a traveling evangelist preacher. (Variant of the more common "sawdust trail.") Primarily heard in US. Old Bill Baxton? Shoot, he's been on the sawdust circuit for the better part of his life. He probably wouldn't be able to settle down in one place if he tried!
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Three times again we made the circuit, and the Greek found that he could get no more speed out of the salmon boat than Charley had.
On our next circuit, he threatened the Italians with the weapon; but they rowed on stolidly, keeping splendid stroke and utterly disregarding him.
The whole circuit of its walls did not exceed twenty-five yards.
Shut up in the desolate circuit of these basins, you would think a free ship would droop and die like a wild bird put into a dirty cage.
I should like the scheme, and we would make a little circuit, and shew you Everingham in our way, and perhaps you would not mind passing through London, and seeing the inside of St.
And again and again she made the circuit of the island, (while the sun rushed down to his slumbers), and at each issuing into the light there was more sorrow about her person, while it grew feebler and far fainter and more indistinct, and at each passage into the gloom there fell from her a darker shade, which became whelmed in a shadow more black.
The structure that the new Circuits of Theory supplies will enable researchers to construct theories that help with generalizations beyond the conclusions drawn from empirical data.
As previously mentioned, the Third Circuit ruled in the Lanning case that this provision requires that an employer must show that the standard is a "minimum qualification necessary for the successful performance of the job in question." Other circuits have not been so restrictive.
Ideally, all critical or emergency loads should be fed from common circuits, separate from non-emergency loads.
Today, even small companies are using high-bandwidth applications such as e-commerce, video-conferencing, and streaming video, and their T1 circuits are becoming bottlenecks that limit productivity and reduce customer satisfaction.
In Insercoes em Circuitos Ideologicos: Coca-Cola Projeto (Insertions into ideological circuits: Coca-Cola project), 1970, the artist transferred oppositional messages (e.g., "yankees, go home!") onto redeemable glass Coke bottles before they were refilled and recirculated.
The Hruska Commission recommended splitting California between two federal circuits. The northern and eastern districts were to become part of a northern circuit and the central and southern districts were to join a southern circuit.
Summary: The increasing demand for photonic integrated circuits in multiplexers and DE multiplexers, lasers, modulators and optical amplifiers is the primary factor driving the growth of the photonic integrated circuit market.
(33) The second district predicted that legal evolution in "unreported" circuit appellate decisions "may take conflicting approaches within the numerous circuits"; this dicta relates to the "'clearly established principles of law"' factor applicable in second-tier certiorari proceedings.