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circuit slugger

In baseball, a player who often hits home runs, running the full circuit of bases when they do so. The new circuit slugger has been an incredible asset to the team this season.
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the sawdust circuit

dated The itinerary of or route taken by a travelling evangelist preacher. (Variant of the more common "sawdust trail.") Primarily heard in US. Old Bill Baxton? Shoot, he's been on the sawdust circuit for the better part of his life. He probably wouldn't be able to settle down in one place if he tried!
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References in classic literature ?
The whole circuit of its walls did not exceed twenty-five yards.
On our next circuit, he threatened the Italians with the weapon; but they rowed on stolidly, keeping splendid stroke and utterly disregarding him.
They were nearly exhausted, and it was only a matter of a few more circuits, when the game took on a new feature.
The country bordering upon the river was frequently gashed with deep ravines, or traversed by high bluffs, to avoid which, the travellers were obliged to make wide circuits through the plains.
And Barney entered into the hell of education that later won his purchaser more time than he could deliver over the best vaudeville circuits in Canada and the United States.
Under Buddhist Circuit theme, Ministry has sanctioned the project Construction of Cultural Centre at Bodhgaya, Bihar for Rs.
In the Fourth Circuit race, incumbent board member Samuel Grier Wells is being challenged by Fred Douglas Franklin.
The Ninth Circuit has held that the Mead decision requires lower courts to give Skidmore deference to revenue rulings because they are closely akin to Customs Service tariff rulings, to which the Mead Court applied the Skidmore deference standard; see Omohundro, 300 F3d 1065 (9th Cir.
Redry the mold and turn on just one circuit at a time, allowing ample time for water to reappear at the bottom of the plate.
This is a process that takes four or five hours to do correctly on a large disk drive," says Gold Circuit Inc.
Metro's appeal required the Ninth Circuit to decide if a paid but still contested income tax deficiency could be deducted from accumulated taxable income under IRC section 535(b)(1).
Data Circuit Systems, located in San Jose, California, is a premier quick-turn manufacturer of complex, multi-layer printed circuit boards and provider of related engineering services.
Weiss' team has just put the finishing touches on a five-gene circuit in E.
Americans United did issue a press statement following the 9th Circuit ruling, albeit without any calls for muzzling public discussions of God.