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Spain's Telefonica Moviles and Portugal Telecom are circling the wagons in Brazil.
On both occasions, the CDC press office responded to criticism by circling the wagons, freezing out reporters, and alienating disease activists with whom it had developed positive relationships.
Catholics are circling the wagons in the good sense.
HIGH POINT, N.C.-The furniture industry is circling the wagons against the suddenly sour economy as it gears up for April market, a show that's shaping up to be lean in new product, heavy in imports and focused on value.
In fact, Religious Right groups are circling the wagons, getting ready for a fight.
I have heard it said, not without some justification at times, "They [the clergy] are circling the wagons" or "They always protect their own." It should not be so.
"I'd imagine they'll be circling the wagons and gearing themselves for a battle," said Kiss.
They are circling the wagons around their beleaguered friend and his family na para bagang apingapi na (as if they have been so abused)!