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Literature is a point outside of our hodiernal circle through which a new one may be described.
The one thing which we seek with insatiable desire is to forget ourselves, to be surprised out of our propriety, to lose our sempiternal memory and to do something without knowing how or why; in short to draw a new circle. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
The circle had tightened till he could feel the breaths of the huskies on his flanks.
At such moments, when his dogs snarled, the whole circle would be agitated, the wolves coming to their feet and pressing tentatively forward, a chorus of snarls and eager yelps rising about him.
But this circle had a continuous tendency to draw in upon him.
They remained in a circle about him and his fire, displaying an arrogance of possession that shook his courage born of the morning light.
"You ain't got me yet!" he cried, savagely shaking his fist at the hungry beasts; and at the sound of his voice the whole circle was agitated, there was a general snarl, and the she-wolf slid up close to him across the snow and watched him with hungry wistfulness.
He extended the fire into a large circle. Inside this circle he crouched, his sleeping outfit under him as a protection against the melting snow.
The man attempted to step out of his circle of flame, but the wolves surged to meet him.
The circle of flame and coals was breaking into segments with openings in between.
Once he awakened, and in an opening in the circle, directly in front of him, he saw the she-wolf gazing at him.
As per directives of the Secretary Power Division, open katchehries are being held on regular basis in all circles of Pesco for last one month to redress people complaints at their doorsteps.
The defective meters were being replaced on priority basis in all nine operation circles of the region.
Archimedes also proved that "twin circles" could be inscribed in the arbelos on either side of the perpendicular line and tangent to it.
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