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Still circled the bright blades swiftly in the air--now gleaming in the peaceful sunlight--again hissing like maddened serpents.
That animal, accustomed to this proceeding, turned in of herself, and circled round the courtyard in a manner to avoid injuring the flower-bed.
And when you learn, John Carter, and if I be dead, as likely I shall be ere the further moon has circled Barsoom another twelve times, remember that I listened and that I--smiled.
She admired the spotted leopard skin that circled his lithe body from one shoulder to his knees.
I feared for my dear Madam Mina when these weird figures drew near and circled round.
Suddenly a great white bird flew up out of the boat, and neither of the men stirred nor noticed it; it circled round, and then came sweeping overhead with its strong wings outspread.
A lost retriever dog, with hanging tongue, circled dubiously round them, scared and wretched, and fled at my brother's threat.