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burn to a cinder

1. (of food) To overcook something to the point of charring it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "burn" and "to." I forgot about the bread I'd put in the oven and burned it to a cinder.
2. (of a person) To cause to become severely sunburned. A noun or pronoun can be used between "burn" and "to." If you lay on the beach all day without any sunscreen, you'll get burned to a cinder.
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burned to a cinder

burned very badly. [Very often used figuratively.] I stayed out in the sun too long, and I am burned to a cinder. This toast is burnt to a cinder.
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burn to a cinder

Also, burn to a crisp. Destroy by fire; overcook. For example, If I stay in the sun too long, I'll be burnt to a cinder, or He's an awful cook-dinner was burnt to a crisp. Although both expressions can be used literally, they also function as hyperbole, as in the examples.
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burnt to a cinder (or crisp)

completely burnt through, leaving only the charred remnant.
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burn something to a ˈcinder/ˈcrisp

cook something for too long or with too much heat, so that it becomes badly burnt: Alan left the potatoes for so long that they were burnt to a crisp.
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James Hedley plays antagonist Geordie Slater and Rosie Fox plays Victoria Chapman, the role taken by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 1994 film of The Cinder Path.
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6-6 mi) wide Lava thin and watery thick and sticky Typical relatively quiet and explosive and Eruption gentle; lava travels violent; lava flows far from the opening slowly down the before cooling sides as ash shoots high in the air Examples Mauna Loa (Hawaii) Mount Fuji (japan) Olympus Mons (Mars) Mount Hood (Oregon) La Cumbre Mount Etna (Italy) (Galapagos Islands) CINDER CONE Shape Description short with steep sides; often less than 1 km (0.
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This crumbly, crackly, chewy caramel toffee goes by many names; cinder toffee, sponge toffee, bonfire toffee, honeycomb, but perhaps my favourite is hokey-pokey, which I believe originates in Cornwall, although ask any New Zealander what it is and they'll tell you - hokey-pokey is their name for this delicious, crunchy treat.
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I appreciate the added comfort of being able to sit up in bed, but I do find myself missing the cinder blocks and sandbags.
The Eugene police and fire departments responded to reports that a vehicle crashed at Gilham Road and Lakeview Drive, coming to rest on top of a cinder block wall on the northeast corner of the intersection.
Bolstered by former Gloucestershire veterans such as Rob Fidler and Mark Cornwell, Cinder ford's attacking scrums brought un converted tries for both winger Jake Carter and full back James Copsey and a penalty goal by Paul Knight.
Although the disk is now about as massive as Jupiter, it's likely to become three to five times as heavy during the next million years, as Mira A sheds more of its mass and becomes a dead cinder called a white dwarf.
It is used to mold urethane foam blocks (like cinder blocks), urethane door panels, urethane foam helmet liners, urethane foam boat stringers and architectural components.