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have something cinched

Fig. Inf. to have something settled; to have the results of some act assured. Don't worry. I've got it cinched. You just think you've got it cinched.
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It's a (dead) cinch.

Fig. It's a very easy task. (Dead means absolutely.) Tom: Did you figure out how to change the tire? Jane: Yep! It was a cinch. Altering clothes patterns is difficult for me, but for Mary, it's a dead cinch.
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lead-pipe cinch

Fig. something very easy to do; something entirely certain to happen. I knew it was a lead-pie cinch that I would be selected to head the publication committee.
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lead-pipe cinch

A certainty, an assured success. For example, "An engagement ain't always a lead-pipe cinch" (O. Henry, The Sphinx Apple, 1907). This colloquial expression is of disputed origin. It may allude to the cinch that tightly holds a horse's saddle in place, which can make it easier for the rider to succeed in a race; or it may allude to a cinch in plumbing, in which a lead pipe is fastened with a band of steel to another pipe or a fixture, making a very secure joint. [Late 1800s]
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cinch up

To tighten some drawstring or strap, especially a saddle girth: I cinched up the saddle girth before mounting the horse. I cinched up the hood of my jacket to keep the rain out.
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1. n. something very easy. No sweat! It was a cinch!
2. tv. to have something settled and secured. It only took a handshake to cinch the deal.


mod. settled; secured; sealed (up). (As one tightens the saddle girth on a horse.) I’ve got it cinched! No sweat!
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dead cinch

n. an absolute certainty; an easy thing to do. It’s a dead cinch. I foresee no problems.
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have something cinched

tv. to have something settled; to have the results of some act assured. (see also cinched. Have got can replace have.) You just think you’ve got it cinched.
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Aside from the filing of criminal case, Cinches was also found guilty of grave misconduct and was ordered dismissed from the service with the accessory penalties of forfeiture of benefits and disqualification from reemployment in any branch of government.
Cinches said that despite the existing Fisheries Code of 1998, the government has not moved a finger to stop further degradation of marine ecosystems or at least guarantee the sustainability of Philippine seas.
Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima recently dismissed Cinches for alleged corrupt practices, including allegedly accepting large bribes from smugglers.
The buckle won't loosen in fast water, stays out of the way in cracks and cinches down tight for climbing.
The Alp sport sandal cinches on the foot with a web of straps over a leather or neoprane footbed.
Lieutenant Norman Tagros, civil military operations commander of the Philippine Army 8th Infantry Battalion, said they confirmed the abduction of Private First Class Jerrel Yorong and Private First Class Marnel Cinches on Thursday.