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Good-bye (in Italian). Ciao, dear. Hope to see you at the beach later.

ciao for now

A casual valediction. ("Ciao" is an Italian word that can mean "good-bye.") OK, it's past my bedtime. Ciao for now!
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and chow (tʃɑʊ)
Good-bye. (Italian.) Ciao! See you soon. Chow, baby. Call my service.

Ciao, for now

and C4N
phr. & comp. abb. Good-bye for the present. (Ciao is Italian. Phrase is current English.) See U L8R. C4N. That’s all for the moment. Ciao, for now.
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Correttezza pragmatica (con morfologia verbale) 1[degrees] test 2[degrees] test B3 0 B3 2 C2 9 C2 15 Totale 9 17 Questi dati non sembrano dirci molto, se non, nel secondo test, un lieve apparire del buongiorno, che viene correttamente usato con la terza persona in due casi (invece che in nessuno, come accade nel primo test), e un uso piu sicuro del ciao con la seconda persona (osservato in quindici casi rispetto ai nove del primo test).
Ciao Group recently announced a refreshed business plan to concentrate on developing locally sourced technology and telecommunication services within frontier and emerging economic markets.
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Ciao Bella, which had its start in New York City in 1983, sells gelato and sorbet nationally in packaged form in retail outlets as well as supplying a variety of foodservice outlets.
Therestaurant became an instant success and was one of the catalysts in the rehabilitation of Monot Street.Le Monot was soon followed by the "Ciao", an Italian restaurant in the same neighborhood.
But Mangelaars said buying was an important step in Microsoft's attempt to distinguish itself by providing search results more useful to consumers, particularly shoppers, than those thrown up by a Google search.
"Ciao cholera sufferers!" read another of the banners seen at the October game.
Ciao said at an international conference sponsored by the Academy for Eating Disorders.
Ciao, a graduate student at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, said at an international conference sponsored by the Academy for Eating Disorders.
Among the 154 respondents, 76% were white, 16% were black, 2% were Hispanic, and the rest were of other or mixed ethnicities, Ms, Ciao said at the conference, cosponsored by the University of New Mexico.
Pwy fydd yn llwyddo i greu'r argraff orau ar y beirniaid Marco Gubbiotti a Maria Luisa Scolastro a Dudley ei hun cyn i ni orfod dweud "ciao, ciao" i'r Casa am y tro olaf?
Based on true success stories from lawyers that author Cordell Parvin has met and coached, Say Ciao to Chow Mein: Conquering Career Burnout is the first in a series of novels following frustrated first-year law firm associate Tony Caruso as mentor Jim Hardy teaches him (over many a cup of Starbucks coffee) how to organize his professional and personal life for maximum fulfillment.
His good humor and constant energy--greeting customers with a "ciao, sta bene?" singing along to the Verdi opera that plays all day, addressing his staff in Italian, Spanish, and English almost simultaneously (he says he also speaks French and Portuguese) --appear to have won him friends in some pretty high places.
Ciao, as it's called, mixes Euro sounds with a playful environment where anything can happen.
These cannons, bombs, and so forth, such as Contraerea (Antiaircraft Gun) and Cannone "Bella Ciao," both 1966, seem anything other than menacing because they are so clearly nonfunctional; they evoke not violence but playfulness, while effacing the boundary between sculpture and installation.