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out of the chute

At the outset; from the very beginning; from the get-go. The company's accounts hadn't been kept in proper order for years, so the new owner was saddled with tremendous debt right out of the chute.
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straight out of the chute

Immediately. Yes, our company is relatively new, but we've had great success straight out of the chute. Tom pitched well straight out of the chute, but he struggled as the game went on.
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go down the tubes

To fail; to be ruined or destroyed; to be squandered or wastefully discarded. My father's company is going down the tubes because of the incompetent new CEO. All of our savings have gone down the tubes ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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poop chute

rude slang One's anal canal, including the rectum. That food was so spicy that my whole poop chute was on fire when I went to the bathroom the next morning! They're going to stick a camera up my poop chute to see if there's anything wrong with my intestines.
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go down the chute

 and go down the drain; go down the tube(s)
Sl. to fail; to be thrown away or wasted. Everything we have accomplished has gone down the chute. The whole project went down the drain.
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go down the tube(s)

and go down the chute
in. to fail totally; to be ruined. I tried, but it all went down the tube. All my plans just went down the chute.
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go down the chute

See also: chute, down

poop chute

n. the rectum and anus. The doctor actually stuck his finger up my poop chute.
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out of the chute

At the very beginning; right away: Sales were strong right out of the chute.
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Plusieurs wilayas du pays ont connu depuis mardi dernier des intemperies et des perturbations meteorologiques caracterisees par de fortes chutes de neige et de pluie ayant touche 38 routes nationales, 35 chemins de wilayas et 7 chemins communaux dans 18 wilayas du pays.
Top part of the chute or vent should be a diameter of nine inches and extend above four inches of the roof with a weathering cowl, complete with bird and insect screen and an exhaust fan, single phase, continuously rating.
Lined with thick soft rubber on the inside arch to protect the chute from structural abrasion caused by constant vibration, the J-shaped bracket holds the dribble sheet secure with four bolts.
A quantidade de chutes sem categoria de peso foram os seguintes: 24 a 128 chutes de ataque, 8 a 92 chutes de contra-ataque, 46 a 78 chutes defensivos, 2 socos, 1 soco defensivo e 5 defesas.
Detective Inspector Paul Franklin said: "She would have been dead if her chute hadn't partially opened.
Caption: The four-section chute is part of a package that includes hydraulics, remote controls and pedestal-mounting hardware.
If an ammo chute is damaged and can't be hooked up, fix it with latch assembly repair kit, NSN 2590-01-268-7915.
In addition to the contacting type devices there are also the nuclear-or microwave-based detection systems, which have no intrusion into the chute.
Varying probe styles have been developed, and some are actually flush with the chute wall, but they still are subject to coatings.
Available in three models: horizontal chute with back stop, angled hopper with back stop, flared side guide
GSK Developments plans to convert the chutes, which were used to load coal from trains into lorries, into two-storey homes with solar panels.
Although it is specifically adapted for the A380, LEOS' engineers are already looking to the future, developing ideas and prototypes of next-generation chutes that can handle waste, or even luggage, from boarding bridges, buildings or various kinds of steps.
It was suggested to Flight Sergeant James Doig, who trains parachutists, that additional safety measures were needed, in particular two-way radios for trainees and beeping altimeters to warn whether to deploy reserve chutes.
Also available are heavy-duty aluminum conveyors, which include options such as adjustable side rails, parts diverters, enclosures, sweep arms, specialized belting materials, discharge chutes and hoppers.
The chutes, with a two-seat sling for passengers, were hoisted up the 277 feet and released to be guided down by cables.