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down the chute

1. Awry; in a state of deterioration or failure. You got a C average? Boy, your grades have really gone down the chute this semester. We had big plans for our trip, but the terrible weather sent it all down the chute.
2. A statement of encouragement said to or by someone right before swallowing something. Mr. Thompson, you've got to take your medication. Come on, now, down the chute! Do we really have to do shots of this stuff? OK, down the chute, then!
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go down the chute

To fail; to be ruined or destroyed; to be squandered or wastefully discarded. My father's company is now going down the chute because of the incompetent new CEO. All of our savings have gone down the chute ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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go down the tubes

1. To be ruined or destroyed; to be caused to fail completely. My father's company is going down the tubes because of the incompetent new CEO.
2. To be squandered; to be wastefully used up or discarded. All of our savings have gone down the tubes ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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out of the chute

At the outset; from the very beginning; from the get-go. The company's accounts hadn't been kept in proper order for years, so the new owner was saddled with tremendous debt right out of the chute.
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poop chute

rude slang One's anal canal, including the rectum. That food was so spicy that my whole poop chute was on fire when I went to the bathroom the next morning! They're going to stick a camera up my poop chute to see if there's anything wrong with my intestines.
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straight out of the chute

Immediately. Yes, our company is relatively new, but we've had great success straight out of the chute. Tom pitched well straight out of the chute, but he struggled as the game went on.
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go down the chute

 and go down the drain; go down the tube(s)
Sl. to fail; to be thrown away or wasted. Everything we have accomplished has gone down the chute. The whole project went down the drain.
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go down the tube(s)

and go down the chute
in. to fail totally; to be ruined. I tried, but it all went down the tube. All my plans just went down the chute.
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go down the chute

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poop chute

n. the rectum and anus. The doctor actually stuck his finger up my poop chute.
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out of the chute

At the very beginning; right away: Sales were strong right out of the chute.
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The Power Chute consists of a main, foldover and four extensions that are permanently attached to the rear pedestal.
Apos a coleta das imagens dos chutes dos participantes, estas foram transferidas e armazenadas no computador por meio de um cabo USB ligado a camera.
Previous designs securely welded the wear liner to the inside of the chute, with only the skirt seal located on the outside.
The lifting aid chosen was Vanderlande's, Stack@Ease, which can be used with single or double laterals and any type of chute. It matched Landvetter's laterals and its method of loading large containers.
Un dispositif d'intervention consequent a ete engage par le secteur des travaux publics pour la reouverture des axes coupes a la circulation par les fortes chutes de neige et de pluie, a indique le ministere des Travaux publics et des Transports.
In addition to the chute cleaning, an automatic brush cleaning system should be provided above the highest access door a cylindrical housing with replaceable stiff nylon brushes shall scrape and clean the internal surface as the move down and up the chute.
As seguintes estatisticas relacionadas ao jogo foram reunidas: Gols na partida, chutes totais, chutes no gol (no alvo), chutes de fora da area, chutes de dentro da area, escanteios a favor, precisao dos passes, passes completos no campo do adversario, cruzamentos totais e cruzamentos certos.
Os golpes praticados no TKD sao chutes e socos, podendo acertar no tronco (chute e soco) e no rosto do esportista (chute) (Falco e colaboradores, 2012).
South African-born Emile Cilliers, 35, was questioned by police after his wife Victoria plummeted to the ground when both her main chute and the reserve failed to open properly.
The chutes knock bar is made of high density polyethylene and will not dent or scratch the filter.
Crewmen, just because you don't plan to fire your Bradley's M242 automatic gun doesn't mean it's OK to leave the ammo chutes disconnected.
Drift chutes, or sea anchors, are a great way to put pressure on large fish in open water.
project, NHA changed the item 506-C "precast" 512 chutes payable at Rs 780 per chute for a total amount of Rs 399,360 as provided in original Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to concrete chutes "in Situ" (at-site casting) to be paid item wise through revised BOQ which increase the item rate cost at Rs 101,021.27 with net effect of Rs 51.723 million which was 12,863 per cent above the original rate.