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blow chunks

slang To vomit, especially violently or in great amount. I felt like I was going to blow chunks from seasickness out on that boat.
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throw chunks

To vomit, especially violently or in great quantity. Everyone bought John so many drinks on his 21st birthday that he was throwing chunks before midnight. I felt like I was going to throw chunks from seasickness out on that boat.
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a chunk of change

A lot of money. I can't wait to file my taxes because I know I'm getting a chunk of change back this year. Wow, nice car! That must have cost a chunk of change!
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chunk of change

Fig. a lot of money. Tom's new sports car cost a real big chunk of change!
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chunk something

Rur. to throw something. The kids were out chunking rocks into the lake. Somebody chunked a snowball at me!

a chunk of change

A chunk of change is an amount of money, usually a large amount. $2.5 billion would be a fair chunk of change out of the state's health or education budget. Lately they've been making quite a chunk of change.
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blow ˈchunks

(American English, slang) vomit (= bring food from the stomach back out through the mouth): Harry is green — looks like he’s going to blow chunks.
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blow chunks

and blow chow and blow grits and blow lunch
tv. to vomit. She drank too much and left the room to blow chunks. Oh my God! She’s blowing grits on my sofa!
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1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Collegiate.) The cat chunked all over the carpet.
2. in. to do badly; to blunder. Sorry. I really chunked on that last deal.
3. n. a gun considered as a chunk of iron. (Underworld.) You carrying a chunk?
4. n. a fat or stout person. Billie’s getting to be such a chunk!

chunk someone

tv. to beat someone up. Maurice threatened to chunk me.
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Place the chunks of fish on top of the stew, toss the ciabatta in olive oil then place on top.
I watched my chunk get eaten by an 80-pounder right next to the boat, and then directly after that Jesse hooked up another big fish.
This does two things: first it lessens the chance of the blade sticking into the chunk; and secondly when the edge of the maul contacts the wood, the angled side of the blade forces the wood apart like a wedge, applying more force to one side of the chunk than the other.
Small chunks OK if they cover less than 20% of tread
Like ruins from some future archaeological dig, James Hyde's nonrepresentational "frescoes" on large chunks of Styrofoam give suggestive shape to the fleeting landscape of the present.
Being upcurrent also keeps you in perfect position to fish a chunk line.
Geneticists have long hypothesized that they could identify disease-causing chunks of DNA by sifting through the genomes of ethnically mixed populations and noting where people with a disease tend to have genes from the same ancestral source, says David Reich of Harvard Medical School in Boston.
As is natural for the fourth quarter, big chunks of space are gaining more attention in midtown from large space users, the denizens of corporate America who often make their move just before the year runs out.
2 slices of parma ham, medium chunk feta cheese, salad, 2 slices granary bread.
Quaoar belongs to the Kuiper (KYE-per) Belt, a band of thousands of relatively small chunks of rock and ice that orbit the solar system beyond Neptune.
They offer 10 original flavors: Fruit & Nut, Chocolate Chunk Raisin, Peanut Butter, Banana Walnut, Mocha Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Oatmeal Raisin and Ginger Molasses.
Liberty Star" or the "Company")(LBSR: OTCQB) announces that work completed on the Big Chunk Super Project ("BCSP") north and south blocks will satisfy Alaska State requirements for the Annual Labor year September 1, 2011 to September 1, 2012 on Liberty Star's State Mining Claims.
8-ounce, easy-to-open vessels are available in chunk white tuna, chunk light tuna and pink salmon varieties.
Pineapple chunk, maraschino cherry, lime slice and orange slice, for garnish
In the wake of the state senate's cold shoulder to plans to build a temporary office tower next door, John Clarkson, program director of capital master planning for the UN, said one possible scenario could be for the UN to rent a chunk or chunks of space in proximity to its current eastside location while the renovation is underway.