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bosom chum

1. One's close or closest friend; a friend one holds dear to one's heart. We grew up right next door to each other, so we have been bosom chums since we were kids.
2. Lice on one's body. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope my bosom chums aren't back.
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bum chum

vulgar slang A derogatory term for a homosexual man's boyfriend or partner.
See also: bum, chum

chum up

To be friendly with someone. Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, up

chum up to (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, to, up

chum up with (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up with me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
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chum up to someone

to try or seem to become friendly with someone. Todd chummed up to Martin. I don't want to have to chum up to anyone I don't want to work with.
See also: chum, to, up

chum up with someone

to become friendly with someone. He seems to have chummed up with Fred. Juan quickly chummed up with all the guys in his class.
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bosom chums

and bosom friends
n. lice. The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. My bosom friends keep me awake all night.
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n. a pal; a good friend. We’ve been chums for years. Went to college together.
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He says that while the games are central to the show, they are not the same at every outing for the chums.
He said: "Paul Merton's Impro Chums are back on the road in 2019 to visit some of their favourite parts of the UK with another evening of mind-blowing improvisation.
Perhaps Cameron's little circle of chums deserved their leaving present, but does putting a title at the beginning of their name make them a better person?
We beat Nottingham Forest 5-0 in the last game to qualify in second place for the Champions League, on the same day our chums and Boro were relegated.
The group, called Baby Chums, meets at The Edge Play Gym and Cafe in Park Road, and is led by qualified nursery practitioner Maryann Cox a member of the team at the adjacent Water's Edge Children's Day Nursery.
Paul and his chums, Mike McShane, Lee Simpson, Richard Vranch and Suki Webster will create a new comedy show every night, based entirely on suggestions from the audience, their own improvisational skills and an almost manic compulsion to show off.
"You can attract other anglers as much as you attract catfish," says Chad Ferguson, guide on Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, and other North Texas waters "That's one reason I prefer to chum. Another reason is that I'm not sure fish are as aggressive over a baited spot.
As the costs continue to climb ever upwards, this week they discovered that whoops, sorry chums, they're going to need another 271 million quid for security and - oh yes, while we're at it - how's about increasing the opening ceremony's budget by 100 per cent to pounds 80million?
The weekend, run by Venue Cymru and St David's Hospice, opens tonight with Paul Merton and the Impro Chums (pictured) making it up as they go along.
The award-winning comedian's latest tour, Paul Merton's Impro Chums, sees him team up with four other inspired improvisers - Richard Vranch, Lee Simpson, Suki Webster and Mike McShane - for a night of compelling spontaneity.
IT'S like I'm being treated to a command performance of Paul Merton's Impro Chums, the enduring improvisation show that is coming to the Wales Millennium Centre on Monday evening.
KELLY Brook has clearly remained good chums with her ex, boy toy actor Jason Statham.
They raised the pounds 20 that went to the sanctuary to pay for some of Chums needs.
For all those who reckoned The Romford Robot didn't have any chums, here's an hour-long slab of Nugget nostalgia to show just how pally he really can be.