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bosom chum

1. One's close or closest friend; a friend one holds dear to one's heart. We grew up right next door to each other, so we have been bosom chums since we were kids.
2. Lice on one's body. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope my bosom chums aren't back.
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bum chum

vulgar slang A derogatory term for a homosexual man's boyfriend or partner.
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chum up

To be friendly with someone. Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
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chum up to (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, to, up

chum up with (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up with me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
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chum up to someone

to try or seem to become friendly with someone. Todd chummed up to Martin. I don't want to have to chum up to anyone I don't want to work with.
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chum up with someone

to become friendly with someone. He seems to have chummed up with Fred. Juan quickly chummed up with all the guys in his class.
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bosom chums

and bosom friends
n. lice. The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. My bosom friends keep me awake all night.
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n. a pal; a good friend. We’ve been chums for years. Went to college together.
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While you generally can't go wrong pre-baiting and chumming with suckers, Sphiruk says that many times during the winter, lake trout show a preference for frozen shiners.
Keep your hands free of all other scents when you're chumming, says Rick Sphiruk, who enjoyed a three-day, 65-trout episode last December.
Chumming is so effective there's no use wasting time at a spot that's not producing at least a fish every 5 minutes."
He emphasizes that chumming in reservoirs merely attracts and concentrates catfish already associated with bends in submerged river channels or hedgerows, and other structure that catfish use as "highways" as they move within the lake.
If you are chumming where the shallows abut a channel, don't crowd the channel edge.
With smaller baits of 3 inches or less, whole chumming is a good bet for the initial round.
"I've gotten snapper to come to the surface in 160 without any deep chumming efforts."
As for the thought that sharks are attracted by fishermen furiously chumming the waters, beach shark fishermen rarely use chum.
The best action is on deep wrecks and ledges, and the most dependable technique is anchoring and chumming, same as it is in the Keys.
If you intend to use shrimp for bait, liberally mix shrimp into the slurry, reserving some for the bait and further chumming. The next possible ingredient is pilchards, left over from past trips, saved and frozen for later use.
When finished chumming at a spot, the holed bucket is placed in the solid one which contains the drips.
Don't overdo the chumming. Too many pieces, and the baits get overlooked.