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EVER since Sky's Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher rejected cowardly chumminess in their punditry, Match Of The Day has slowly shaken itself out of its patronising stupor.
San Jose made a mistake in naming its team the Sharks, since Worcester has always had a small-town chumminess and likes the idea of having its own unique brand.
This feeling of industry chumminess drives many Twitter storms, according to Duns.
The playing ranks have never been so varied, but there remains an insular chumminess about the managerial community that is disturbing.
For what it's worth, I marginally favour the commercial channel's commentary, but not enough to endure the ads and Chiles's still slightly desperate chumminess.
The chumminess was not unexpected coming from two leaders who tend to see issues from the same leftward view.
Pau gripped Lily's shoulder with misleading chumminess.
As I am musing on their chumminess, something happens that is so metaphorically pinpoint-perfect that it requires me to assure you that it is factually true.
Thompson's book is competent journalism at best, with occasional lapses into forced chumminess, but nowhere does it come even close to the richness of [The Mind of the South].
In his testimony, Tremblay revealed that he fired city manager Robert Abdallah when he received confidential evidence of Abdallah's chumminess with Tony Accurso, whose firm had won a huge--apparently rigged--contract to put in water meters, and Rosaire Sauriol, vice-president of engineering contractor Dessau, the other member of the water meter consortium.
In a photo-op after the talks there was no sign of the chumminess that characterised meetings between Obama and former president Dmitry Medvedev, with whom he engineered a "reset" of US-Russia relations in his first term.
Emails between Tucker and Diamond revealed by Mann during Tuesday's hearing showed the chumminess in the relationship between the regulator and the bank boss.
Although the radical indifference of Zen, and the nonpersonal nature of Buddhism were very liberating from the superficial chumminess or pointed ideological agendas of a "personal" Christianity, they were simply not enough.
Sarkozy's terse explanation in Brussels of the decision to leave Britain out of plans backed by 25 other European Union members was at odds with the chumminess he built up with Cameron over their mission to help Libyan rebels oust Muammar Gaddafi.
Reviews, in principle anyway, are supposed to be impartial, but the chumminess of these remarks, together with the expression of gratitude and praise for his friend's character, point to Wolfe's expectation of a puff piece.