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Hiking through cornfields hours later in northwest Iowa, a wisecracking Cruz was a bit chummier with his friends in the Fourth Estate.
Mona Louise, on the other hand, said she is chummier with co-stars of her age.
I''m sure we are pretty pleasant - a lot nicer than most Londoners, for example - but even if friendliness were in some way quantifiable, I doubt we could really say we were so much chummier than, say, the people of Edinburgh or Sydney or New York.
But their demeanor was more businesslike than the chummier encounters between Karzai and Obama's predecessor, George W.
And, with his straggling white beard and twinkling eyes, he certainly looks the part of one of the chummier prophets from the Old Testament.
There was the odd snippet useful to sports punters - Andy Murray saying he didn't think he was ready to win a Grand Slam event this season, for example (well, it was of interest to those who like backing long odds-on shots), while Sven-Goran Eriksson escaped relatively lightly from his grilling with Mrs Logan, who seemed to be trying to come across as a blonder and chummier version of Jeremy Paxman but only succeeded in getting him to reveal that he probably wouldn't be the next boss of Manchester City.