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The Chuckles of Oz will run until Sunday, January 11.
But zoo manager Jay Wood says Chuckles is a friendly bird and will be getting worried that he is in an unfamiliar area.
But while Chuckles is the world's greatest cocktail and Tito's is the world's greatest vodka (again, fact), Tito's is, alas, not kosher for Passover.
Use three or four chuckles, just like the ducks sound when they're overhead.
Liberation Entertainment will release The Chuckle Brothers In 'Indiana Chuckles And The Kingdom Of The Mythical Sulk' on September 22.
Chuckles are available in a range of flavours including Ilchester's best selling smoked flavoured cheese Applewood[R], Somerset Gold, a Grand Reserve Mature Cheddar with a creamy, nutty flavor or Crandale, a blend of Wendsleydale and cranberries.
It's a situation never likely to happen to the Chuckle Brothers as - uniquely - there're four of them.
Chuckles - alias dinnerlady Dawn Clarke - helped make the launch fun at the school in The Drive, Wyken.
They reckon that to lose a stone over a year people need to tune in every day to comedies that induce 22 minutes of howling, 30 minutes of belly laughs, an hour of giggling and half an hour of chuckles.
For comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers are bringing their show the Chuckles of Oz to me and to you and to Teesside audiences later this month.
Sounds range from quick, snappy quacks, to down-and-dirty feed chuckles and clucks to make ducks beg for more.
Aided by the Patton Brothers (Barry and Paul's real-life older brothers, Jimmy and Brian) and a pair of illusionists called Sapphire, the Chuckles served up chuckles aplenty with the wheelchair no obvious hindrance at all.
Children will have double the number of chuckles after TV favourites The Chuckle Brothers added another North East show to their tour.
As ever the Chuckles, real life silly siblings Jimmy and Brian Patton, combine pantomime, music hall, traditional stand-up and slapstick with a little help from the tumbling of The Acromaniacs and the magic of Safire.