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chuckle about (someone or something)

To laugh about someone or something. I was still chuckling about that scene in the movie the next day. Are you guys chuckling about how I just tripped up the steps?
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chuckle over (someone or something)

To laugh or chortle about someone or something. I was still chuckling over that scene in the movie the next day. Everyone chuckled over the clown at first, but his routine got old really fast.
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chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
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chuckle about someone or something

 and chuckle over someone or something
to giggle about someone or something. I had to chuckle about Wally and his story about that broken-down old car. We chuckled over how angry Jed was.
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chuckle with something

 and chortle with something
to giggle in some manner because one is gleeful or happy. He chuckled with unsuppressed mirth at the antics of the strangely dressed people. Sally chortled with glee at the thought of Ken slipping on the ice.
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Mof ORE than 20 years of gaffes, mishaps and slapstick made the Chuckle Brothers favourites with generations of children.
But when I met Barry Chuckle at a charity do, I behaved like a total fangirl.
Summary: Television star was best known as one half of the Chuckle Brothers
Expect a fun-filled family show and more than a chuckle or two as the brother's slapstick brand of comedy takes to the stage.
The Chuckles of Oz will run until Sunday, January 11.
But zoo manager Jay Wood says Chuckles is a friendly bird and will be getting worried that he is in an unfamiliar area.
But while Chuckles is the world's greatest cocktail and Tito's is the world's greatest vodka (again, fact), Tito's is, alas, not kosher for Passover.
Throw in some chuckle as they swing overhead--not the rolling rattlesnake chuckle heard in a contest, but broken bits "tuck-a, tuck-a, tuck-a." Use three or four chuckles, just like the ducks sound when they're overhead.
Chuckles are available in a range of flavours including Ilchester's best selling smoked flavoured cheese Applewood[R], Somerset Gold, a Grand Reserve Mature Cheddar with a creamy, nutty flavor or Crandale, a blend of Wendsleydale and cranberries.
It's a situation never likely to happen to the Chuckle Brothers as - uniquely - there're four of them.
Cokie Roberts noted regretfully at the end of the discussion that "I wanted to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of women's suffrage, but we're out of time." But not so out of time that Will couldn't add sarcastically, "And it made the United States a paradise." The week before, when Roberts told Brinkley that Shannon Faulkner's withdrawal from the Citadel did a great disservice to women and hurts the cause of women's equality, Brinkley responded with mock concern, "We feel for you, Cokie." More chuckles all around.
Chuckle Time C5, 5.20pm When it comes to cheap and cheerful TV, few new shows of the week are more thrifty than this offering starring showbiz veterans Paul and Barry Chuckle.
Paul and Barry will star in the Civic's annual seasonal spectacular The Chuckles of Oz which starts its run on Saturday, December 6.
Sounds range from quick, snappy quacks, to down-and-dirty feed chuckles and clucks to make ducks beg for more.