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chuckle about (someone or something)

To laugh about someone or something. I was still chuckling about that scene in the movie the next day. Are you guys chuckling about how I just tripped up the steps?
See also: chuckle

chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
See also: chuckle, particular

chuckle about someone or something

 and chuckle over someone or something
to giggle about someone or something. I had to chuckle about Wally and his story about that broken-down old car. We chuckled over how angry Jed was.
See also: chuckle

chuckle with something

 and chortle with something
to giggle in some manner because one is gleeful or happy. He chuckled with unsuppressed mirth at the antics of the strangely dressed people. Sally chortled with glee at the thought of Ken slipping on the ice.
See also: chuckle
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Nor, judging from their response, did the chucklers around me, who weren't even American.
And the way the game is growing nationwide, the chucklers may now outnumber the scratchers.
One of the chucklers is "Peanuts' creator Charles Schulz himself, the real power behind the World's Greatest Hockey Goalie.
All four of the Alphabet's new laffers are single-cam, as are three of NBC's four chucklers.
NUNEATON'S best-loved charity chucklers are getting in the swing of things for their tribute night.
One 2 One turned up at the special Fanta comedy masterclass yesterday in Glasgow to check out the star chucklers of the future.