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The three pairs of chuckers, who made up the human chain in that airplane worked as follows: when the pilot flashed the signal the first pair lifted the bomb from the floor cubicle.
You'd be hard-pressed to find an Aussie to disagree with the opinion that Murali is a chucker.
The SN200/400/800E OD grinding machines can be arranged as shoe machines or chuckers with automatic loading of bearing races up to 190 mm OD or a hand load capacity of 750 mm OD.
SMS, perhaps best known for its high-volume vertical chuckers, will customize the Seiki machining centers, drilling machines, and turning centers into cells and systems for automotive OEMs.
25 (ANI): The International Cricket Council and the MCC have commissioned a research by Cricket Australia, Griffith University and the Australian Institute of Sport into developing a device to detect chuckers.
There are essentially two sorts of people: hoarders and chuckers.
Crowe said: "Having been pinned in the head by chuckers over 15 years, having been dubiously bowled first ball in a Test by a certain Sri Lankan bowler, having tried to bowl a decent ball myself with a straight arm, I've had more than enough of this aspect of the game.
I can't understand all the fuss, because me and the boys in the Farrier's Sunday league side would have no half-time refreshments if it wasn't for the pie chuckers.
The compact holders are designed for use on CNC machining centers, screw machines, automatic lathes and chuckers, CNC lathes and milling machines.
In addition to its own vertical chuckers and vertical-spindle grinder, the builder also represents rotary-table surface grinders from Cone-Blanchard Corp.