chuck away

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chuck away

1. To dispose of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." I need to chuck away these old clothes that haven't fit me in years. Please chuck away all those papers on the floor.
2. To push someone or something out of the way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." The policeman chucked me away as he ran after the robber. I had to chuck away all of those booklets because they needed to use the table.
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chuck someone or something away

to push or shove someone or something out of the way quickly or roughly. She chucked the children away and ran to lock the door to protect them. He chucked away his clothes in a drawer. The rock star approached, and the guard chucked the teenagers away.
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chuck something away

to throw something away; to dispose of something. Would you please just chuck this garbage bag away? I don't want to chuck away any paper that's been used on only one side.
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Also please note that, of course, Dot's people haven't moved/ chucked away his collection, despite the ever increasing scale of it.
Maradona's Dorados side chucked away a first-leg advantage against Atletico San Luis on Sunday, losing 4-2 after extra-time to go down 4-3 on aggregate.
Lyon have drawn their three games since winning at the Etihad and twice chucked away points against Hoffenheim.
The ticket was chucked away at the eleventh hour by the younger Wattoo.
Trevor Hicks said the court had "chucked away" the chance to help survivors and families.
Kerry, 32, said: "Once greyhounds can no longer race, the poor things are usually chucked away like rubbish.
After jumping to an early 16-4 start, AMA's comfortable lead was chucked away by Mindanao thanks to Gino Jumao-as.
LONDON IRISH coach Tom Coventry has warned Newcastle to expect a backlash from his basement boys in today's relegation scrap Irish got their first league win of the season on Boxing Day when they downed Northampton, but chucked away a 14-6 lead at Gloucester in the last round.
Too often unwanted food is chucked away without a second thought.
A quarter said they chucked away uneaten food at least once a week.
She told magistrates: "He said: 'Why you pushing a baby like that, it should be chucked away.' Eleanor Reyland, mitigating, said that the attack wasn't wholly unprovoked as the comment about the baby had offended her client.
What's even more surprising is that it's not the parts you'd imagine are worn out that are being chucked away.
Fellow celebs, including Tom Jones and Guy Ritchie, looked with amazement as Moss chucked away the broken tambourine and started sexy dancing with Nick Cave's wife Susie Bick instead.
Eaves said: "It was something I chucked away when it was banned, but it had obviously got caught up with some stuff in the weighing room.