chuck under the chin

chuck (one) under the chin

To touch or stroke one affectionately under the chin. I chucked my daughter under the chin and pulled her close for a hug.
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chuck someone under the chin

to tap someone, as a child, lightly under the chin, as a sign of affection. He said hello to little Mary and chucked her under the chin. Please don't chuck me under the chin! I am not a child, you know!
See also: chin, chuck
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Sarah didn't get her chuck under the chin for dancing ability.
There's something about little round tummies and pink belly buttons that makes tickling a toddler an almost irresistible activity - not to mention the peels of laughter a chuck under the chin can produce.
What you are in character, for good or bad, depends on the little inferior creatures you chuck under the chin, or tuck under the arm, or beat black and blue, or slobber with kisses.