chuck away

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chuck away

1. To dispose of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." I need to chuck away these old clothes that haven't fit me in years. Please chuck away all those papers on the floor.
2. To push someone or something out of the way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." The policeman chucked me away as he ran after the robber. I had to chuck away all of those booklets because they needed to use the table.
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chuck someone or something away

to push or shove someone or something out of the way quickly or roughly. She chucked the children away and ran to lock the door to protect them. He chucked away his clothes in a drawer. The rock star approached, and the guard chucked the teenagers away.
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chuck something away

to throw something away; to dispose of something. Would you please just chuck this garbage bag away? I don't want to chuck away any paper that's been used on only one side.
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North East businesses chuck away more than pounds 1m a year through wasted energy.
You might have a fleeting fancy for a couple of 'rags' and are prepared to chuck away a couple of snarlers on each, but pounds 4 a throw makes it money more likely to stay in the pocket.
Southport drivers have a 47pc chance of getting on the road with one out of every two drivers in Warrington, Widnes and Wigan getting the chance to chuck away their L-plates.
Sky Sports 2 DAVID WILSON has warned his Bath team not to chuck away the chance to win some silverware this season.
The Jambos boss has watched his team chuck away points this season and knows Celtic will punish any more errors in today's Scottish Cup clash at Tynecastle.
We chuck away tonnes of milk each year ('we' as in the nation, not us at Notebook).
With the big stage beckoning in Brazil in 2014, Morrison would be an utter fool to chuck away a second chance to make a name for himself in the right way.
Don't chuck away empty spray bottles - use them to make your own credit-crunch cleaner.
STEVEN HAMMELL reckons Motherwell's season will feel like a failure if they chuck away their chance of a top-six finish.
Experts reckon this makes it so hard to compare cards that the UK's 31.4million holders chuck away pounds 137 a year failing to switch to a better deal.
And boozy clubbers who chuck away half-eaten takeaways are being blamed for the terrifying invasion.
But it doesn't mean you have to chuck away all your principles.
Chuck away those droopy drawers and washed-out inhibitions.
Coleen says I understand your fear, but don't just chuck away a relationship if it's good now because you're thinking 20 years ahead.
Experts reckon this makes it so hard to compare cards that the UK's 31.4 million holders chuck away EUR184 a year failing to switch to a better deal.