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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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The old lady nodded the satisfaction which this proof of the surly man's foresight imparted to her feelings; and the surly man giving a smart lash to the chubby horse, they all repaired to Mr.
Pickwick, clearing his voice, and looking towards the man of few words with the surly countenance, who drove the fly with the chubby horse.
With her cheek against his and her kind hand gently patting the back of his still chubby one, something hard in him always melted away.
Two or three times during this short address, the cherub addressed had made chubby motions towards a chair.
Chubby little Dokhturov was listening attentively with eyebrows raised and arms folded on his stomach.
Unc knocked at the door of the house and a chubby, pleasant-faced woman, dressed all in blue, opened it and greeted the visitors with a smile.
He saw her stagger to her feet, holding the baby at arm's length from her, her eyes glued in horror upon the little chubby face and twinkling eyes.
Out they came forthwith; Mr Witherden, who was short, chubby, fresh-coloured, brisk, and pompous, leading the old lady with extreme politeness, and the father and son following them, arm in arm.
Some fans, however, did not seem to agree with the TV personality's post, saying that the word chubby is not a bad thing at all.
A self-proclaimed bad boy of British comedy, Chubby has been a popular hit on Tyneside since the 1970s and filmed a best-seller there in 1994.
We heal people and have some sort of impact and remind them of who they used to be or what they were and maybe help them," said Powder of her all-women's drum group Chubby Cree.
Summary: Chubby Cheeks Nursery denied having anything to do with the rumor.
Filled with real photos of the original Chubby Wubbles, this delightful pet story is told from the ferret's viewpoint.
Last month charity Gorditos de Corazon - Chubby Hearts - took Juanita to see specialists in the capital Bogota.
the administrator of Josh Bishop estate, accused the owners of Chubby Cheeks LLC and an employee of leaving the store to beat Bishop for shoplifting.