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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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In 1916 the winning "contestants" of the Indian Baby Show were reported as embodying "splendid types of healthy babyhood," which seems to mean that the awards simply went to the chubbiest babies.
BEFORE AND AFTER: Faye at her chubbiest with son Harvey and in swimsuit after her big slim.
Our little man has a full head of dark hair, a button nose - and the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen'
The LCD's bezel is only one-inch thick and, if you look over the screen as a whole, it is less than three inches thick at its chubbiest point; amazing.
I remember when, as the world's chubbiest Boy Scout (before the growth spurt), I would slowly raise three fingers of my right hand and solemnly assert the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared.
To test the idea, people breeding kakapos cut the chubbiest females' menu.
The chubbiest boy in the school is honest, honourable, likeable Tommy Traddles:
The petite 5ft 1in singer went from being the chubbiest Spice Girl, at just eight stone, to a gaunt yoga fanatic weighing in at a tiny six and a half.
Glaswegians took the prize for being the chubbiest, with four Scots dying every hour from heart disease - despite the city being home to the UK's largest concentration of health clubs.
They last came to Coventry at the start of the year as they filmed a special series on obesity after the city was labelled one of the chubbiest in the country.