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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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Thing is, looking at the size of the chubbies on show I can't actually see it being much of a chase, even with a headstart.
TV FAVOURITES the Teletubbies have proved triumphant in their first round against USA imposters the Bubbly Chubbies.
The Warwickshire company and its North American licensing agent Itsy Bitsy Entertainment alleged that Wal-Mart's small figurines, known as Bubbly Chubbies, were copies of the Teletubbies.
Wal-Mart, of Arkansas, has now agreed to pull all Bubbly Chubbies items off its shelves and destroy the remaining inventory.
The targets of the copywright lawsuit are the suspiciously similar-sounding Bubbly Chubbies, sold by the world's largest retail store chain, Wal-Mart store, of Bentonville, Arkensaw.
The Bubbly Chubbies characters are obvious, studied knock-offs of the famous Teletubbies characters," the lawsuit claims.
The claims against Wall-Mart Stores were settled in 1999, with Wal-Mart identifying Soma as the manufacturer, ceasing sales of the Bubbly Chubbies and destroying its remaining inventory.
This is one of the Bubbly Chubbies at the centre of a US legal battle with tots' favourites the Teletubbies.
The Chubbies lack the Tubbies' antennae, but wear headphones.
THE TELETUBBIES are taking on the Bubbly Chubbies in a heavyweight US legal battle.
The Bubbly Chubbies are said to look remarkably similar to Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, except they are in slightly different colours, wear headphones and lack the distinctive antennae.
The legal suit charges that, like the Tubbies, the Chubbies all wear one-pieced hooded suits and the faces have an ``extraplanetary appearance.
Ragdoll alleges that even the Bubbly Chubbies packaging is a rip-off of the Teletubbies.
It claims the Bubbly Chubbies characters are "obvious, studied knock- offs'' of the Teletubbies.