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chrome dome

A person who is completely bald, or that person's head. I actually started losing my hair in my late twenties, and I've been a chrome dome ever since! Some women don't care for bald men, but I love my husband's chrome dome.
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chrome horn

A car's front bumper when used to nudge or hit the car in front of it, either in retaliation or (in stock car racing) to inform the second car's driver that the first intends to pass. Always be considerate when changing lanes in front of other cars, as aggressive drivers may feel inclined to use their chrome horns to signal their displeasure. Some really aggressive driving by Roberts; he's been putting that chrome horn to use today!
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n. a shiny, bald head; a man with a bald head. (Also a rude term of address.) The guy with the chrome-dome suddenly grasped his chest and made a face.
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(1) The friction coefficient of chroming friction coefficient is considered, and the antifriction properties of chrome-plating layer have a strong influence on the surface chroming layer.
(2) Three layers, which corresponded to matrix, DL, and SL, were observed beneath the worn surface in the 20CrMnTi against the chroming T10.
(3) The mechanism of the outstanding wear resistance in the chroming friction pair is considered to be the formation of the SFIDL in the 20CrMnTi.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) OM micrograph of chroming layer; (b) XRD spectra of chroming coatings.
Caption: Figure 2: Friction coefficient versus friction time for the nonchroming and chroming friction pairs.
Caption: Figure 3: Wear scars of (a) chroming and (b) nonchroming T10 discs after dry sliding.
Caption: Figure 4: Wear scars of (a) 20CrMnTi pins against chroming T10 disc and (b) 20CrMnTi pins against nonchroming T10 disc after dry sliding.
Caption: Figure 5: SEM cross-section micrographs of the (a) chroming and (b) nonchroming T10 discs.