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blow chunks

slang To vomit, especially violently or in great amount. I felt like I was going to blow chunks from seasickness out on that boat.
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chow down

To eat, often quickly or enthusiastically. A noun can be used between "chow" and "down." The puppy started chowing down the minute I set down his food bowl. Get in here so we can chow down—I'm starving!
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chow (something) down

Sl. to eat something, usually quickly or without good manners. We can chow this pizza down in about two minutes! I found a box of cookies and chowed it down before anybody knew what I was doing.
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chow down

Eat, as in He's always ready to chow down at dinner time. Originally military slang, this term is now more widely used. The noun chow in the sense of food, originating from either Chinese or pidgin English in the 18th century, also appears in such terms as chow line, a line of people waiting for food, and chow time, mealtime. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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blow ˈchunks

(American English, slang) vomit (= bring food from the stomach back out through the mouth): Harry is green — looks like he’s going to blow chunks.
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chow down

To eat something greedily or voraciously: We chowed down on the wild berries until the bush was bare. I dropped my sandwich on the ground and the dog chowed it down.
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blow chunks

and blow chow and blow grits and blow lunch
tv. to vomit. She drank too much and left the room to blow chunks. Oh my God! She’s blowing grits on my sofa!
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blow chow

See also: blow, chow


1. n. food. What time is chow served around here?
2. tv. & in. to eat (something). (see also chow down.) I’ve been chowing canned tuna and stale bagels to save money.
3. Go to ciao.

chow down

in. to eat; to take a meal. Over there is where we chow down.
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chow hound

n. someone who loves to eat; a heavy eater. Okay, listen up all you chow hounds. There’s extra beans tonight!
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chow something down

tv. to eat something, probably quickly or without good manners. I found a box of cookies and chowed it down before anybody knew what I was doing.
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and chow (tʃɑʊ)
Good-bye. (Italian.) Ciao! See you soon. Chow, baby. Call my service.


See ciao
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