choose (someone or something) for (someone or something)

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choose (someone or something) for (someone or something)

1. To select someone for a particular job or role. Whom has the supervisor chosen for the vacant position? I can't believe the coach chose me for pitcher!
2. To select something for someone, as of a gift. I chose that plant for him because I thought he liked to garden—I didn't realize that he's allergic to daisies!
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choose someone or something for something

to select someone or something for a particular purpose, office, title, etc. I chose red for the color or the carpet. I will choose Alice for office manager.
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choose something for someone

to select something for someone, perhaps as a gift. I will probably choose flowers for your mother. I chose a funny card for his birthday.
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He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:
But are people genuinely bothered by the existence of default rules, or would they be bothered if they were made aware that such rules had been chosen for them?
These points raise a broader question: In general, are people genuinely bothered by the existence of default rules, or would they be bothered if they were made aware that such rules had been chosen for them?
I asked Harrison what kind of books he liked to read and what he would have chosen for those ten books in the summer.
Dual eligibles will have a plan randomly chosen for them to make sure that they have Part D in place on time and their treatment is not interrupted.
Applicants whose abstracts are chosen for presentation will receive an ACPE scholarship of $200 to be applied toward the Spring Institute/Annual Meeting tuition.
Abstracts not chosen for presentation may still be published by ACPE.
As a result of this random genetic inheritance, he suggests, we have greater scope for freedom than if our genes had been chosen for us.
For the past two decades, and particularly the most recent one, CEOs increasingly have been chosen for their ability to articulate messianic "visions" for their companies; inspire employees to do whatever it takes to realize these grand designs; and imbue investors with faith in their own talents.
It was chosen for its smooth finish, easy formability, resistance to road salt and cleaning fluids, ability withstand 110 F summer heat, and impact resistance at winter chills of -20 F.
Serve organic wines, which can be chosen for you by a knowledgeable wine merchant.
The last kid chosen for volleyball, or any other kind of ball except the one I wanted to be chosen for, was invariably me.
Finally, the solid model could be modified to add risers and a gating system so that computer analysis of solidification and mold filling could verify the geometry chosen for castability.
Thus, the subadar's color is, itself, his fate - a fate which, ironically, he has chosen for himself by seeking to escape all his world would have him be (only to have his attempt at escape result in social and ontological negation) and also the same fate to which his chosen social milieu, a human milieu corrupted by, inhuman actions, would have shackled him in any event.