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chortle about (someone or something)

To laugh about someone or something. I was still chortling about that scene in the movie the next day.
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chortle about someone or something

 and chortle over someone or something
to chuckle or giggle about someone or something funny. I was chortling about Elaine's silly puppy for a long time. Elaine chortled about me and my dislike for cats.
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chuckle with something

 and chortle with something
to giggle in some manner because one is gleeful or happy. He chuckled with unsuppressed mirth at the antics of the strangely dressed people. Sally chortled with glee at the thought of Ken slipping on the ice.
See also: chuckle
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Michael Parkinson chortles at another Peter Kay joke .
I ask him why he is called by his middle name Marcus instead of William or Bill and he chortles.
When he drives off in what is touted as Hitler's car, he chortles, ``It's Fuehrer-ific