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the chop

1. Dismissal from one's job. You're going to get the chop if you keep coming into work late.
2. Elimination or discontinuation, as of a service or program. Our charity program will most certainly be for the chop if the hospital loses any more funding.
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chop (someone or something) (up) (into something)

to cut something up into something smaller, perhaps with an axe or a cleaver. The butcher chopped up the beef loin into small fillets. I chopped up the onion into little pieces.
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n. a rude remark; a cutting remark. That was a rotten chop! Take it back!
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The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) activists and leaders also staged a protest against the mysterious braid chopping incidents and asked the PDP-BJP coalition government to resign for failing to ensure the safety and security of the womenfolk.
The congress leaders chanted slogans against the current coalition government and demanded immediate end to the braid chopping incidents in Kashmir.
Notably, over 100 braid chopping incidents were reported in Kashmir so far while the government has said that the steps have been taken to nab the culprits behind these acts.
Using wood glue or nails, secure the bottom holder or stopper which is cut to size to the width of the chopping board.
New investments in wire chopping and downstream separating equipment have in part been targeted toward automating the processing of the inconsistent array of copper wire and cable.
wire chopping facilities have become globally competitive through their efficiencies and investment in improved technology," he states.
"Actual net production of wire choppings has increased, I believe, but the existing processors have upgraded to be able to meet that need."
He also compliments wire chopping equipment made by Triple S Dynamics, saying, "They've done a great job for us."
The company's newest chopping line is designed especially to handle jelly-filled cable.
SPLIT DECISION, With its strength in wire chopping, Shine Bros.