chop off

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chop off

1. To cut something off of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chop" and "off." We had to chop off that branch because it was in danger of falling on our house. I decided to chop my hair off because I needed a change in my life.
2. To stop someone abruptly while they are talking. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chop" and "off." I had to chop him off because his boring story was putting me to sleep.
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chop someone off

Fig. to stop someone in the middle of a sentence or speech. (Abruptly, as if actually chopping or cutting.) I'm not finished. Don't chop me off! The moderator chopped off the speaker.
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chop something off (of) something

 and chop something off
to cut something off something, as with an axe or saw. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) We chopped the dead branches off the tree. You should chop off the other branch.
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chop off

To cut something short by or as if by chopping; curtail something: The barber chopped my ponytail off. The butcher chopped off a hunk of meat for me.
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Yet, Lily Allen wants the despair of "Directioners" because she wants nothing but to chop off Styles' lovely locks.
The court was told the men, aged 24 and 25, took the women to the desert and threatened to chop off the head of one and feed the other to the dogs
DURING a moment of madness I suggested in a previous letter that we buy any old guillotines off the French and use them to chop off the heads of the overly greedy people that are making a fortune out off the rest of us.
But the sqauddie was reportedly instructed to chop off his fingers off for a later investigation when the trio were caught using a biometrics camera to take fingerprints.
Kind Danielle McLeod has spent six years growing her hair - but the brunette beauty has agreed to chop off her locks and have them turned into real-hair wigs for cancerstricken children by charity Little Princess Trust.
Zhang Lele took it literally when her mum Lian quoted the ancient Chinese proverb "the innocent would chop off their hand" after a 50 cent coin-worth 5p - went missing.
Rob also allegedly did not like Kristen's new shorter hair cut, which she debuted some time back and had it been in his hands, he would not have let her ex-girlfriend chop off her long hair, new reports suggests.
ABU Hamza has been left in agony after surgery to chop off part of one of his arms because of a serious infection.