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It might also be objected that on grounds of both welfare and autonomy, active choosing is desirable even if people have a tendency to err.
Education level- Before choosing any person as your consultant you should find out whether he has studied Feng Shui from any organization or any reputed person.
We shall see that in many cases, those who favor active choosing are actually mandating it, and may therefore be overriding (on paternalistic grounds) people's choice not to choose.
Brewing a pale ale, like their Blonde Star, to tempt lager drinkers into choosing ale is nothing new, but Brew Star is going one further than most breweries.
The latest SMMT figures for sales of new cars in 2006 show that black has now moved from third to second place in the order of ranking, with 22 per cent of motorists choosing this colour for their car last year - up from 20 per cent in 2005.
Sullivan suggests that when choosing stories for boys, "try not to shrink from a little gore.
Since mortality projections suggest that more than 28% of payees choosing early Social Security benefits would be better off waiting until the full retirement age, why are so many making an unwise economic choice?
Once a family chooses us, they also are choosing to accept our policies, including the make-up policy.
Note that the job of choosing the state's electors is thereby transferred to someone who is not a holder of public office nor even a citizen of the state in question.
Choosing Joy At Work: Learn The Process Of Being Happy And Living More Fully by Roger Wyer (consultant, coach, and change agent to small business and nonprofit organizations) is an innovative and practical approach to a happier, more satisfactory working life.
There are more perils than ever in choosing a quarterback high in the draft during the salary-cap era - the onerous financial commitment, increased pressure from fans and media for teams to win now, and a spotty track record of the prospects panning out.
People who peruse a variety of options before choosing tend to make objectively better decisions.
Choices proliferate beyond our pleasure in choosing and our capacity to handle the choices," writes Lane.
And it also requires the provider to tell the woman that she has "the option of choosing to have anesthesia or other pain-reducing drug or drugs administered directly to the pain-capable unborn child.
Voters are actually choosing delegates pledged to vote for that candidate at the national party conventions.