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Because of this, quasi-paternalism can accommodate the belief that the inconsistent choosers are erring under one enrollment default or the other.
someone choose x over y suggests that the chooser prefers x to y but
Moreover, when school choosers do approach their decision making more deliberately, they might seek, interpret, and incorporate information in irrational or undesirable ways.
With nudges where individuals are exposed to shame only if and when they engage in a particular behaviour--whenever they request a refill on their soft drink, for example--any feelings of shame the chooser experiences are isolated to a particular interaction and can be avoided quite easily.
Selection of the chooser determines the allocative equilibrium, while selection of the initial entitlement holder determines the distributive equilibrium.
Server access via standard Mac network server access tools in the Chooser
These are not necessarily the best strategies for the divider, but they do illustrate that this division procedure systematically favors the divider over the chooser.
Because the vote is either up or down, Harrington's law survives in emasculated form in Congress, with the conference committee the divider and each house a chooser.
Nozick thinks (as most readers would and I certainly do) that it may not be irrational for the mother to refuse to believe her son is guilty and that it also would not be irrational for the chooser to take only the opaque box, despite a clear violation of the usual sure-thing axiom of rational choice.
The chooser then opens his eyes to a mass of clenched fists, one of whom holds the coin.
The number of 2017 plan choosers who are new to the system appears to be down about 2 percent, but the number of HealthCare.
Quite an optimistic proposal made, it reminds me of a saying, 'beggars cannot be choosers.
But it's more than five years since United were last in a cup final - and beggars can't be choosers.
I'm a bit miffed about the album category, but beggars can't be choosers and I am a beggar.
That jacket didn't go with her outfit but you know, beggars can't be choosers