pick/choose your moment

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pick (one's) moment

To thoughtfully and prudently decide the best moment to act. Sometimes used ironically to suggest the opposite. I suggest picking your moment before you ask the boss for a raise. Wow, she broke up with him on his birthday? She really knows how to pick her moment.
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pick/choose your ˈmoment

carefully choose the right time to do something: I wanted to make sure she agreed, so I picked my moment, when she was in a good mood. ♢ (ironic) You told her you wanted a divorce two days after her operation! You really picked your moment, didn’t you?
See also: choose, moment, pick
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Choose your moment of indulgence carefully from; an impulsive snack-on-the-go, a breakfast treat sprinkled on yoghurt or cereal, an added crunch to your fruit salad.
That represented a step up on his maiden form and, having started a well-backed third favourite there, he is likely to attract plenty of interest getting 15lb from likely main market rival Choose Your Moment.
8 Choose your moment with care: If your partner has had a stressful week or is worried about something, take him away from the situation -perhaps a romantic break a way.
Ask him about his feelings - obviously choose your moment.
uk/ goldenjoystickawards where you can watch video clips to help jog your memory and choose your moment of the year.
Choose your moment and start by saying what you like about your sex life and suggest some additions that would make it even better.
You're trying to get that look of love, so you have to choose your moment.
As I got older you choose your moments and sometimes I would manufacture that anger with no reason at all and at other times you just have to keep quiet" Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United manager "You have to ask yourself how long a political system can survive when it is clearly so out of whack with the more natural, ideological divisions that exist.
People will give a manager plenty of opportunities to crack the whip so it's best to pick and choose your moments.