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Maybe I have realized that at this stage of my life, I have to choose my battles, and that these should be concerned with what would really make a difference not just to me but, more importantly, to the good of a greater number.
I think next year I will pick and choose my battles, but I still want to play as much football as I can.
I would choose my battles more wisely than what the bridesmaids' dresses look like.
I have to choose my battles carefully and even at that, my losses on the board outweigh my outright wins when it comes to pushing my ideals as a liberal-to-moderate Mexican-American woman.
Madonna says she "sometimes" argues back with Ritchie but adds: "I have to pick and choose my battles.
Madonna said she "sometimes" tells him she can dress how she wants, but said: "I have to pick and choose my battles.
Oh, I don't know," replied Telnaes, noting that, because there are so few women in editorial cartooning, and because there was sexism when she worked in animation, "I try not to get too exercised over trivial things - and choose my battles.
As an old cow, I choose my battles,' he said, adding that he will seek the chancellor post again when his term ends in February.
But, I choose my battles, kasi hindi mo puwedeng patulan lahat.